Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Fun

Although we didn't have a parade to attend, and the pool isn't warm, and we didn't pan any bbqs... we had another fun day!  We started off with a fishing adventure!!  (yes, Piper is rocking out 3D glasses, a winter hat and summer clothes, finishing her ensemble with flip flops!)

Hallie was the big "winner" today!!!  She caught several fish... and THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank goodness this guy was walking by!  (I can do fish, but I am NOT cut out for frogs!!)  Look at her grin!!  She was so proud of the catch!!

Emmily is not big on fishing... But we will convert her by the end of summer!!

When we got home Ryan and I cleaned the backyard, patio, and pool.  The girls had fun in the sprinkler... But just HAD to get in the pool!!

They only lasted about 3 minutes!!  :)  But it was worth it to have the summer started!!  We ended the night with homemade chocolate malts!!  (a favorite evening snack around here... light on the chocolate, heavy on the malt mix... just like Papa Wayne used to make them!!)

Now off to bed for a couple more days of SCHOOL!!  

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Gone fishin!

Today we had a blast fishing at Raccoon River Park.

Reese and piper both caught several, but it just wasn't Hallie's day :(
Thanks for the help Jess! Next time, we will get more pics!

We left just in the nick of time to beat this storm!!

And made it home pretty dry!

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T-2 days

Hallie and Reese still have 2 days of school, but we are starting this summer blow out early!!!

Friday, Rolling Green held their end of year awards and program.

Friday evening we went and traded in our van for another just like it :) Then went out to eat for an end of school celebration!

Saturday, I hit up the farmers market with Jess and Alexa :) Fun girls morning! We got ready and hallie and I went to Carlisle for a grad party. (Hallie snuck a pic of her favorite pic!)

Saturday night we were excited to welcome the new members of the Martin Family!

...and that was just the beginning of a long weekend!!!

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