Friday, July 29, 2011

This & That ...July edition

Here are some July highlights...

For the fourth we celebrated our "new" backyard!!  We are so happy to have the pool reopened :)

The Garners came for a sleepover.


The girls were in parades for Apex.

 We have gotten LOTS of use out of the fire pit!  We generally roast marshmallows, but have also tried hotdogs, corn on the cob and apples.... all of which have been delicious :)

I have been BUSY in The Vinyl Studio creating all kinds of things :)
150 bows, about 400 t-shirts, 170 shorts, about 75 decals, 60+ waterbottles, 20+ signs, and more...

Hallie had choreography for her new cheer team CRAZE!
(we also hosted a Craze pool party... I will post that separate)

We attended the JenBen wedding.  {My cousin Jenni.}  It was so nice to see all of the Bolles.

Reese had a little photo shoot with me :)
Sorry some of these are sideways... it is late and I am just happy to have them on the blog.

Second Grade

Wow, can you believe summer is officially over for us?  Hallie started 2nd grade yesterday!  She was beyond thrilled to have Mrs. Calfee again!  {The only downfall is she just had a baby so she is out until October, but worth the wait!!}
Her highlights from the day were:
*Getting her own locker
*Getting her own desk (so sitting at tables)
*Getting to stand in a NEW lunch line
*Getting to sit at the 2nd and 3rd graders table at lunch
*Being allowed to check out THREE books from the library!