Friday, November 18, 2011

I found this when I opened my computer to work ;)

More Halloween festivites :)

We went to the Ernzen's Halloween Party.  It was super fun :)  The girls love the face painting, jump house, magician, balloons, crafts and more.
Roll call:
Ryan- Manning
Candi- Runner
Hallie- Rockstar
Reese- Belle (Christmas Belle to be specific)
Piper- Tinkerbell

I will post our trick or treat pictures another time with my mobile uploads :) 

Trunk or Treating

This year our church started "Trunk or treating".  We had to decorate our trunks for all the kids to go trick or treating to.  We brought along a neighbor girl, Emily to join in the fun.  I decorated the van like a slumber party and the girls all wore pjs and slippers.
{Piper's slippers were picked out BY her :)  We went shopping...
 I said: which pair would you like?
Piper: CARS!
Me: How about these Princess ones?
Piper: No, cars.
Me:  Did you see the purple ones?
Piper: I want Cars.
Me:  Okay, get the cars...
She was so excited she wore them right out of the store!! I have learned, buy them what they want or they won't wear them!!  :)

Cheering for a Cause

The Apex cheer season has official started with the first competition.  The girls did great :)  Reese is on Frenzy and Madness this year and Hallie's team is Craze.  I am excited to see them again this weekend when they compete against several teams.  Great job Apex teams!!!

Heading home...

This is Hallie's friend Hallie :)  They were like 2 peas!  She is from Pennsylvania.  They said bye to each other about 10 times!

Piper lined them up to watch us fly :)  She loves Mickey and Minnie!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vacation 2011... part SEA... Day 3

Day 3... Castaway Cay (Disney's Island)  Hallie, mom and I got off to go swim with sting rays, but the other slept in :)  {It's vacation, do what you want!!}  We got back to the ship early while everyone else was still off, so we had free run of the pools and Aqua duck and all the fun stuff.  We spent most of the day hanging out at the pool!

In the evening was Pirate night :)  Everyone dresses up and they have a pirate party, complete with fireworks and WAY too much food and wine!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Vacation 2011... part SEA... Day 2

Day 2 we stopped in Nassau for the day.  We got off the ship and went to swim with the dolphins.  Hallie LOVED it, Reese was a little hesitant and Piper was NOT a fan of being that close.  We all got hugs and kisses from the dolphin, got to dance and play with him.  It was a great place to do it.  We spent a little time at the beach after before heading back on board.

Vacation 2011... part SEA... Day 1

We had fun on land, but it was time to hit the sea!  This time on the Disney DREAM.  (these postings will be short with lots of pictures... I Smash Booked our entire trip in detail, so just the fin stuff here!!)
Day 1... boarding the ship and get acquainted with all the fun NEW findings on the ship.

Is this bathroom COOL or what???  It had a sliding round door, too! (and clearly a mirror on the ceiling!)