Friday, November 18, 2011

Trunk or Treating

This year our church started "Trunk or treating".  We had to decorate our trunks for all the kids to go trick or treating to.  We brought along a neighbor girl, Emily to join in the fun.  I decorated the van like a slumber party and the girls all wore pjs and slippers.
{Piper's slippers were picked out BY her :)  We went shopping...
 I said: which pair would you like?
Piper: CARS!
Me: How about these Princess ones?
Piper: No, cars.
Me:  Did you see the purple ones?
Piper: I want Cars.
Me:  Okay, get the cars...
She was so excited she wore them right out of the store!! I have learned, buy them what they want or they won't wear them!!  :)

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