Sunday, August 31, 2008

3rd Annual

This weekend was our 3rd Annual trip to the circus! As always we had a great time! Here are some highlights...

The pre-show...
Watching them clean up the elephants for the big show!

More pre-show.... it is really neat to be able to see some of the entertainers up close before the show. Hallie loves the animals of course!
Noses for everyone!!!
Popcorn anyone?!?! :)
For the second year we got "celebrity seating". Right before intermission we are taken down into the rings and become part of the circus!! It adds to the fun! This year we all got hair like the main clown!!!
Thanks Grandma Carmel... can't wait for next year :)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

See ya at the circus!

Just wanted to check in...

*We got the nursery all painted & the bedding all came today!! :) So we will be setting up that room next week.

*We got the scraproom all painted!! We are going to be getting cabinets on Sunday and hopefully installed {by Ross and Ryan} Sun or Mon.

*We got the hall and a lot of the entry/stairs painted. Because of the height issue Ryan is borrowing a ladder on Sunday or Monday to finish that.

I know you guys like pictures, but you have to wait :) I will post after the rooms are put together. We are headed to Ikea in Chicago tomorrow to get more odds and ends we need. And hoping for some fun {cheap} lighting and decorations and frames and just all the extra stuff.

Also, Grandma Carmel is treating us to the circus on Saturday night for Reese's birthday! Be sure to check back after the weekend for pictures!! We look forward to the circus every year! It is so much fun and the girls LOVE getting to see everything up close! Have a fun long weekend!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Baby Bedding

Just wanted to share the bedding I got for the baby's room today. I was able to get a bunch of the accessories at our Babies R Us, but the actual bedding and stuff is being shipped from Kansas City (that's why I only have the "stock" photo to share). I will post the real thing when we get it! {hopefully the end of the week} We will be tackling the upstairs starting tomorrow. We got paint for Hallie and Reese's room and for the nursery today. Both should be fun! Ryan and I are still trying to figure everything out for my scrapbook room... so we'll start in the girls' rooms.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Skater Girls

Here are my skater girls! Reese thinks she is such a BIG girl with skates like Hallie! Doesn't she look old????

Cupcake Picnic

Today Ron and Tricia and the Great Ladwig grandparents came down to have lunch and cupcakes in celebration of Reese's birthday. We all enjoyed a day outside after lunch! Thanks for coming to visit!

(The Ladwig guys... Ron, Ryan,& Grandpa Melvin)

(Reese with Great Grandma Helen and Grandma Tricia)

(Reese ate like 4 cupcakes I think! least the frosting from 4!!)

(Sprinkler Time!!!)

(Reese needed a little encouragement to get through the COLD water! Daddy and Great Grandma did the trick!)

(Hi!! I was there, too!)

Joke of the Day!

Aunt Jessie taught Hallie this joke and she thinks it is the funniest thing! The other day all four of us were saying "brownchickenbrowncow" all day!! :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Few Updates

I haven't got pictures hung or anything... but since SOME PEOPLE can't stand not seeing the inside of the house here are a few pictures of the downstairs.

Before of Kitchen/Dinette

After of Kitchen/Dinette (lighting is bad... but you get the idea... more pics when it is all decorated-- you also can't see that we have gotten rid of the shiney gold stuff!!)

Before of Family Room

After of Family Room
I will post some more soon...

It's Good to be TWO

Yesterday we celebrated Reese's SECOND birthday.

Her favorite gift was the card Hallie spent {what felt like hours} picking out in Target! She kept going back to it in between opening gifts. What did we used to do before musical cards?!?!

We had yummy Cold Stone Ice cream cake (Red Velvet & Sweet Cream ice cream!!) What would you do if you got frosting on your foot???

IT'S GOOD TO BE TWO!!! :) Happy birthday, Pookie Bear!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hallie and Bentley!

Just wanted to post quick a couple pictures of these two. They are having a lot of fun out back while we are working. (Reese just watches from the window... she isn't too sure of Bentley off the leash, yet)
Here are a couple of the girls exploring in the flowers...


Our house is coming along... one room at a time. We never thought we'd find ourselves visiting Home Depot and Lowe's so many times!!! (at least Home Depot has fun carts!!) Ryan and the girls race all around the store and out to the car!

We have been very busy inside the house- UPDATING. {since nobody has lived in the house for a few years it is in need of a paint job and fixture updates} But those pics will come later!! I will try and take some "after" pictures tomorrow.
For now those of you who are going crazy here is the front outside of the house. Ryan trimmed up the landscaping, replaced the lights, added a storm door, and repainted our front door black. He also put in new mailboxes for us and our neighbor- since theirs is in our yard.
Off to bed... we've got lots more to do tomorrow!! We are hoping to get the hallway, 1/2 bath and possibly the formal dining room/living room painted and fixtures switched out in the bathroom. Okay, that is a lot when I typed it all out... we'll see! Good night!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Move over Nate

Nate Berkus has nothin' on these two design girls! We stormed Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday... Hallie and Reese knew just what they wanted for their room! I will post more after we get it done! {Today we are hoping to finish up work in the front of the house}
(Reese wasn't going for the Paparazzi!!)

Taking a break

Thursday and Friday we got to take a break from the unpacking and go back to the Quad Cities for our closing (and cleaning the old house) and some tourist stuff :) We met Patty, Jessie and Levi in Iowa City for a stop at the Children's Museum. The kids had a great time, as always!

Hallie took in one LAST t-ball game. She will really miss that! She loved playing.

We stopped by the John Deere commons, since we had never been. The girls had fun driving tractors, but it wasn't as big of a place as I always thought...
On our way out we stopped by Scrapaganza for the new Making Memories Halloween-- SO CUTE! and some Papa Murphy's cooke dough for the road :)