Tuesday, August 12, 2008

{I am loved}

Saturday was my going away "party" at Scrapaganza. When Beth and Kelly said they were going to invited the customers to a Farewell Party with cake and everything, I have to admit I was nervous! What if nobody came?? Can't we just keep it simple? People aren't going to come in on a Saturday just for me!

But they did! I could not believe it when people were walking in with Flowers, and cards, and gifts... and just walking in! You are all more than just customers and co-workers... you are my friends! I will miss seeing you so often... but I promise I will still see you! Here are some pictures from the day...
{Penny can you send me all the ones you took? Sorry, Marion for the closed eyes picture... but I couldn't leave you out! I will switch it when I get one from Penny}
*Prepare for picture overload!! I wanted to be sure to post them all!*

Thank you Beth and Kelly for letting me share my creativity in your store. Thank you for the "party" and of course the shopping spree :) Don't worry... you can't get rid of me... I will be back to visit!!

Ashleigh... The cake was perfect!!! I LOVED my Heidi Swapp cake!

My "Fairy Scrap-mother" Marion made me this little princess book for my three little princesses! I LOVE IT!!! I love handmade gifts and she did incredible work! Heidi Swapp paper, pink Hambly, and TONS of bling! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! Thanks so much!

Three of my favorite club girls came to send me off! Can't wait to see you in the Des Moines area! You three have made my Thursday nights sooooo much fun! {Yes, there are lots more of you clubbers that contributed to the fun!}

Kim and her cutie sister Kara stopped by. How cute are they? There is too much to say about Kim.... and I'm not going away from her! She better come visit!!! :)

Lynn... thanks so much for stopping by... it was a great surprise! Be sure to call when you are in the area working!

The three amigos... Kim, Lynn and I. These two, well, I am sworn to secrecy :) Can't wait to get together... maybe we can hit up a junk store here.

Thank you Cathey for introducing me to the wide world of vinyl :) Can't wait to use my gift certificate and decorate here.

Here are my beautiful flowers. Thank you Sally and Marissa for the HUGE sunflowers!! Thank you Megan for the PINK bouquet! {Isn't it great having artsy friends?? No Hy-Vee flowers here... they stopped at the Farmer's Market! I have never had such fun flowers!}

Am I torturing you yet, Penny??? Here you are!!! :) Thank you for the opportunities you have opened for me! Thanks for 2 fun, exciting and unforgettable CHA trips. And thank you for "training" Bentley! {he is such a good dog now! still a little to work on.... but he is laying at my feet as I type this!}

Thanks again to everyone who came by! It made my day so special! Watch for ONE more class before Thanksgiving. {hoping early October... just have to wait for the products to come in}

9 friends had to say...:

Lynn said...

Love ya like a sister... and miss ya already!!

Marion said...

Awww... How could you think that no one would come? We love you and will miss you so much. Thanks so much for everything. Can't wait for that class. Love that pic of me!!

Jodi Lansink said...

First off----LOVE THE CAKE!!!! She did a WONDERFUL JOB!!!!!

Reading this and seeing all the pics about made me all teary---and I don't even know these people!!!! You have made some great friends and have great opportunities living there! Looks like a great party with great friends!!!!

Hamann Family Blog said...

how sweet of all of your friends... that is awesome!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the cake and the flowers!!!!! Wow... you are so lucky having artsy friends! :) Hopefully you will feel just as welcomed here as you were there... we are happy to have you back!! :)

Kim said...

Do you have your phone working in Des Moines???? I have called you 3+ times....where are you????? Call me!!!!

Kim said...

P.S. Love all the pictures....I am also teary-eyed....and can't type anymore.
Love ya like a sista! {What Lynn said}

Charlene E. said...

Hope you have gotten settled ok. Loved the class. Amber thanks you so much for her UTEE A. She went straight up to her room to see where a great place on her door would be to put it. I'm looking around for LO I can use the Serendipity Square technique on. I'll have to start buttering up my husband now for that class in October.

Penny Smith said...

THERE ya are!!!!

Your welcome! Truly! Miss ya!!

Call me too! :)

Ashleigh Dillin said...

Ok, I have to admit I was crying when I read this. How sad! And the worse part, I was working that day and never even had a chance to come back there during the whole thing because your brought in SOOOOO many customers that where wanting to check out. I hope all is going well and we all miss you!