Wednesday, August 18, 2010

11:00am Wednesday

Here we are at the end of Blogapalooza!!  Thank you to Blog2print for the fun challenge!!  If you haven't checked them out please do!!  I got all of my blog printed into books and they are awesome!  I also bought one for a friend!  It is super simple and takes just a few minutes and you have it shipped right away.  {they tell you like 2 weeks, but it never takes that long}

Thanks again for following along... now off to finish our "crazy" day :)

**photo of Hallie from another day, yes she is still at school.**

10:00am Wednesday

Stopped at Nick and Lori's to drop off vinyl.

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9:00am Wednesday

Out running errands.

Why does the bank take FOREVER?!?!

But Pipers happy :)

Off to Michele's, Lori's, Fellers vinyl, McDs and back home :)

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8:00am Wednesday

Hallie has had breakfast, while watching Phineas and Ferb (morning ritual!!).

Got her bag packed 
and is out the door.

My daisies have bloomed again, let's see how long they last until one of the girls pick them!!

7:00am Wednesday

I am in the homestretch!! :) This has been fun! I am thinking I would love to do it periodically again, but just skip the overnights!


The girls are up and here is my to do list (so far)
*Get names to be embroidered on bags
*clean upstairs
*CE checklist (9 items long)
*package CE shirts and ship
*DCHS hairbows
*Apex vinyl (if vinyl comes)
*sort out Apex apparel order
*Etsy orders

and in the meantime, get Hallie ready for school, feed them breakfast, a snack and lunch, hallie comes home, another snack and supper. Clean the pool and work on fun things for Reese's birthday this weekend!! Here's to a productive day!! {I'll need it to be!! Deadlines are getting CLOSER and CLOSER!!}

6:00am Wednesday

Okay, must be getting delirious ( and running out of things to blog while my kids sleep!!) But wanted to share this book!  I CRACK up when I read it.  I can totally relate.  Everything she says I agree!  {and Ryan does too, and was laughing}  It take a humorous approach at a good topic!  I got it at Target, check it out!

Why can he turn anything I say into something sexual?

You:  Can you go get the recycling out of the garage?
Him;  Oh, I'll go in your garage any day!

You:  Can you get us some cucumbers at the store?
Him:  Oh, I got your cucumber right here, baby!

**Can you relate???**

How about this topic?
Why is it that What he says and what we hear are so different?

Him;  Do you need me to pick up milk or anything else?
We hear:  Is there no food in the house?  Are you a totally incompetent mom?

Him:  Do you want a backrub?
We hear:  I want to do you.

Him:  Shouldn't Jimmy be able to read?
We hear:  Don't you do flashcards with him?  You're a bad mom.

Check it out, it is a good easy read book!

5:00am Wednesday

A fellow blog reader (aka my sister) has pointed out the fact that I will officially be OLD in December... the 1st! I will be 30! :)  That means I have only 3 more months in my 20s.  I don't think I am going to have a quarter life crisis or anything... it's all good.  I am excited to celebrate with friends in September.  I love that we have all gone different directions- some veered way different than others...but we all come together and have a blast!!  Can't wait to see the "group"!!

Ryanna, Katie, Jodi, Josie, Brianne, Amy, Christi, & ME :)  = BFF

{back to bed}

4:00am Wednesday

Here is a favorite saying from Jodi's blog that I wanted to share:

And this one makes me laugh everytime I see it... so true!! 

And I always love Ali Edwards.  I haven't figured out how I want to use this... But I love it and I will, soon!

3:00 am Wednesday

Have you checked out all the blogs on my sidebar???  They are good ones!

Jodi is doing the 24 hour blogging right along with me :)

Stop by and check out her blogs.

2:00am Wednesday


It seems like a simple word... but really it is a world of possibilities :)
I {heart} Etsy.  It is all handmade goodness that everyone "needs".

Here are some of my favorites for you to check out:

These almost make me want another baby!!  (I said almost!!)

Would be perfect for my bookworm

I am in LOVE with all of these pictures!  This artist is amazing and I will be getting some very soon from her:

This whole store makes me happy!

Christmas for me????

Seriously, what a great idea!!  These pins dress up any tshirt or tank!  I need to order some!

They have covers for the older kids now!! Yipee

Here is MY bow lady :)  I love her, and she does the best bows!!  I have a bunch you haven't seen yet... waiting for football season and fall to come!!

Okay, that will get you started... and then you will be addicted just like me!

1:00 am Wednesday

Okay, so I ran across this pic from The Cheesecake Factory in Houston.  Those Technique Tuesday ladies crack me up :)  They insisted we eat at Cheesecake Factory EVERY night we were there!! So needless to say the waiter became like family!  So Ahmad brought us this cheesecake for dessert one of the nights.  I will never look at Cheesecake Factories the same!

So when in Chicago I took this for them!

12:00 MIDNIGHT Wednesday

I have made it half way!! :)  This has been fun!  It will be even more fun when I see it all in a book.  Thanks for joining us through a day in the life of the Ladwigs... and think, this was a pretty relaxed day!  {no work...okay, little work for me}

Speaking of work... here a couple pictures from the Dowling Catholic spiritwear order I am doing for them.

Good luck to DCHS on Friday against Valley!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

11:00pm on Tuesday

Well everyone is asleep... so I will play catch up on the blog :)

Hallie is officially a first grader! She is having a great year! Mrs. Lines is her teacher and she really likes her. She was a bit disappointed that Haley isn't in her class this year, but I think she has gotten over that when she figured out that they still see each other at recesses and lunch!

Here are pics from Open House:
Here are pics from the first day:

10:00pm Tuesday

I will not get sucked in... I will not get sucked in... I GOT sucked in!!!

I am now about 70% done with the final Twilight book. They are soooo good!!

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Just wanted to update everyone and post an update on Reese from yesterday's MRI:

We went to Mayo yesterday for a follow up MRI, and today got the results. The cyst has NOT changed. So they do not believe it is effecting her at all. She will have another in about 6 months.

We are hoping that she will be approved for the new medication by the end of the week and we will be working to improve her symptoms, as the cataplexy is getting worse. Off to snuggle with her now!!

Pics from yesterday...

Right Before:


9:00pm Tuesday

We are showered and ready for bed. The girls are feeding the bunny and we are getting ready to cuddle on the couch ;)

I have so many more things that are on my to do list... But they will have to wait! I am exhausted and my book is calling my name. Hope I can put it down to blog at 10 :)

One more thing... I got my Creative Escape charms today!! So fun... Getting super excited!

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8:00pm Tuesday

Here's my run ;)

Off to shower...
I'm gross!

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7:00pm Tuesday

I am off to run and just don't know if I will be back in time to blog, so starting early for this hour!

Here's a pic of Kim and I on her birthday {while I was in Chicago}
And while I have that picture folder open, here is one of Teresa Collins and I at her class in Chicago. I am super excited to see her again in AZ next week! She has GREAT products and lots of BLING!!!
Oh, you know I can't stand it... Here is one of Heidi and I :) She's the best!

Gosh, with that picture I am off to run!! ...and buy long sleeved shirts!! BAD PIC!!!

6:00pm Tuesday

Suppertime :)

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5:00pm Tuesday

2 mins to say I am running Hallie to cheer... Blog more later!

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4:00pm on Tuesday

Working on Apex backpacks... off to drop them off to get embroidered. Got Reese's birthday gifts ordered.

Did I mention I met Suede from Project Runway while I was in Chicago?? :) I am not into that show, but got my pic for my mom. {yes, I am on the phone, so that Suede could say hi to my mom... who is a big fan of the show!}

3:00 pm Tuesday

Laundry- check

Clean basement & toy room disaster- check

Shipment for Apex Apparel arrived! {I love it when the UPS man says, "one of your boxes is lost, hopefully it got on another truck"...grrrrrrrr! But backpacks are here, so all is good for today!}

2:00pm Tuesday

I am still cleaning the basement, so nothing exciting... so I am leaving you with this for the hour...
{click on picture to visit the site!}

I am really thinking of joining. It looks like a great idea! Gives you your meals planned out with a grocery list ready to go to the store budgeted UNDER $85 a week or $65 if you go to Aldi's. Also, it only costs $5 a month!! PLUS you can choose healthy :) This is my plan for September. Oh, and you can choose family or just 2, so if you don't have a family you can still do it! Have any of you tried it??

1:00 pm Tuesday

Gosh, this blogging hour by hour is making my day go REALLY fast!!

I got my orders for Creative Escape tshirt printing finalized. Can't wait... in a week (today) I will be in AZ scrapping with old friends!!
I changed 2, count 'em 1-2... poopy diapers (saved you all on those pics!) With every diaper I change I think "when is she going to be potty trained", then I remind myself she isn't even 2 yet :( I have a few more in my future!
Reesey fell asleep for her daily nap.
And our Schwan's man came. In the pouring rain :( Thank your Schwan's man today... I got groceries and didn't even have to drag my kids through the rain, then the grocery store, past the candy and junk!! Now if I could get them to start carrying milk I'd be set :)
People ask me a lot what I order from them... so here's today's:
2- 24 pack confetti ice cream cups (for Reese's birthday!!)
Buttermilk pancakes (my girls' favorite!! they even eat them without syrup!)
vanilla ice cream
a new sandwich thing... i'll let you know tonight if it was good :)
4- mac and cheese (easy and my girl beg for them)
broccoli and cheese (with my veggie coupon I saved $4!!)
Monster Cookie dough- gotta make some cookies to send to my Grandparents and these are his favorite :)

Wish I could see my FAVORITE Schwan's man today... but he will be here on Saturday and we are all VERY excited!! It has been too long since we have seen Papa and Nana!! ;) Love ya Dad!