Tuesday, August 17, 2010

11:00pm on Tuesday

Well everyone is asleep... so I will play catch up on the blog :)

Hallie is officially a first grader! She is having a great year! Mrs. Lines is her teacher and she really likes her. She was a bit disappointed that Haley isn't in her class this year, but I think she has gotten over that when she figured out that they still see each other at recesses and lunch!

Here are pics from Open House:
Here are pics from the first day:

4 friends had to say...:

Jess said...

Well you still have at least one reader up... 1st grade wow they are getting old

Jess said...

speaking of old december's not that far away hehe

tricia said...

I checked and checked for First Day of School pictures and knew you'd have time sometime to post them. Hallie we're so proud of you. You are a wonderful reader and that will help you sooo much with your education. Hope the cookies were good.

Amy Walter said...

Wow - is she really in 1st grade already?!

She looks cute for her 1st day in 1st grade!