Wednesday, August 18, 2010

6:00am Wednesday

Okay, must be getting delirious ( and running out of things to blog while my kids sleep!!) But wanted to share this book!  I CRACK up when I read it.  I can totally relate.  Everything she says I agree!  {and Ryan does too, and was laughing}  It take a humorous approach at a good topic!  I got it at Target, check it out!

Why can he turn anything I say into something sexual?

You:  Can you go get the recycling out of the garage?
Him;  Oh, I'll go in your garage any day!

You:  Can you get us some cucumbers at the store?
Him:  Oh, I got your cucumber right here, baby!

**Can you relate???**

How about this topic?
Why is it that What he says and what we hear are so different?

Him;  Do you need me to pick up milk or anything else?
We hear:  Is there no food in the house?  Are you a totally incompetent mom?

Him:  Do you want a backrub?
We hear:  I want to do you.

Him:  Shouldn't Jimmy be able to read?
We hear:  Don't you do flashcards with him?  You're a bad mom.

Check it out, it is a good easy read book!

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tricia said...

You got my first day back to school off to a good start. Made me :-)

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Amy Walter said...

Okay - def. want to get this book!