Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy to be home!

Just wanted to post and let you know we are all doing good. Piper is a great baby!!

Reese is a lovebug, sneaking kisses and hugs any chance she can!

Hallie is a huge helper. She is so proud to be the BIG sister. She has worn her "I'm a big sister" pin everyday!!!

I will try to post pictures more often... in the meantime, I have 3 girls to snuggle :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Piper Kate

It's a GIRL!!!

Piper Kate was born today at 12:36pm. She weighed 9lb 4oz (same as Hallie) and was 20.5 inches long.
Here are the excited BIG sisters.

Here are all my girls!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ready or not...

...here "she" comes!!!

Just wanted to let you all know I am going in at 7:30am tomorrow to be induced. So, we should have a baby tomorrow. I will keep you all posted. They have wi-fi at the hospital, so I will see what I can do as far as posting to the blog. {Okay, you know I am a die-hard when one thing I am worried about is how am I going to post to my blog the two days I am gone???} hehehehe

Keep checking back for an update :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

House Updates!!!

Okay, just to keep you all happy I took some pictures of some house progress!! (the lighting isn't great 'cause it's dark, but you get the idea until I do my promised video tour... coming soon!!)
I got the vinyl above my scrap desk!!! It is huge, and I love it!!! Thanks, Jodi, you did a great job! (click on it so you can see all the CUTE fonts!!) She is having a Holiday sale right now on her blog!

Hallie & Reese's Room:

Here are the wall colors, up close.

The nursery is all ready for baby to come! (Yes, the bag is packed now)

(the valance I made like a tutu)
The Girls' bathroom...
The saying says "Squeaky clean bubble queens" It is hard to get a good picture of it. I still have three towel hooks to hang below this for the pink towels :)
I am not sure what the heck the reflection on the wall is... but it is all painted... the picture just turned out funny???
We got the tiles replaced in the master bath on the wall and around the tub, and tore out the carpet and tiled the bathroom {even heated for those COLD winter mornings!!}... (also, the shower got replaced and the tub faucet)

Gotta love Ikea...
Here is our new dinette set:
(like the insulation and stuff in the soon-to-be-sun room???)
This is on our wall in the living room. DON'T LAUGH... I know they are all crooked!!! Every time there is hammering or banging in the basement, and today in the upstairs they all go crazy!! I need to get that Earthquake Puddy my mom talks about!! But I wanted to show you some updates :) The shadow boxes are little mini scrapbook layouts I am going to switch out every couple of months. I am going to switch them to Christmas layouts for December, snow for January and February, and so on.... There will also be some switching when baby #3 comes :)
Shadow boxes:

Here is a quick little thing I made for a wall I didn't know what to do with...
(I just covered canvases with paper, a few paper embellishments, and painted the canvas sides... For those scrappers that wonder I used Crate Paper.
So this week we....
*Got new carpet in the entire upstairs and stairs
*Got tile work finished in master bathroom, girls' bathroom, 1/2 bath, and basement bathroom.
*Got basement textured, primed, and first-coat painted.
*Got MOST of the trim work done in basement.
*Got new windows in basement.
*Hung vinyl in scrap room and girls' bath.
*Hung curtains in front room and nursery.
*Put pictures in living room frames.
I am sure that were more things... but gosh, that's enough to blog about for now!! Soon it will all be done... and our little baby will be here! I think "she" is waiting to come for us to calm down!! I will keep you all posted on any family changes!! :)
Happy Fall!

Still here...no baby!!

I know, I have been a slacker on the blog!! I have no pics from the week... so here's what we did today. We ran out to Costco and made a pit stop at Creative Kidstuff. (a fun toy store) They were doing these free Christmas tiles! Luckily, someone didn't show up for their time slot and we just happened to be there! The kids used their thumbprints to make little reindeer to represent our family. It turned out really cute, and the girls had a fun time making them. I'll post a pic of the finished tile later (my camera battery is charging).

Christmas is just around the corner!! :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Miss Parker

My friend Ashleigh has the cutest dog, Parker!! This week she posted this picture or her in her turkey costume, and I just have to share it!! It just makes me smile! {Thanks Ashleigh, as Hallie said, "That's the cutest thing in the whole world!"}

Friday, November 7, 2008

First of many, I'm sure!

Today Hallie had a "play date" with her BOYFRIEND Sam :) They made cookies, colored, played tag, watched Sponge Bob and had a fun afternoon. She has been BEGGING to have him come over. I have been trying to put it off until we finished our home improvements... but I didn't want to have to put it off more once the baby came. So, we had him over today! She is already asking if he can come back over, and he has only been gone 5 minutes.
He's a nice boy, and when I asked if he wanted something to drink he replied, "No, I don't drink." {hehehehe}

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Vinyl & Screen Update

I have gotten some really great vinyl. They are all really large, and lots of fun!! I got the tree from Cathey and the rest from Jodi. (be sure to click on their names to visit their blogs!) I didn't really want to post yet, since I don't have the whole house done... but here is a little peek :)

This is in our front room:

This is my "Coat Tree". I am stilling looking for some straight pegs to add to it for coats to hang on.

The nursery... (I still need to make the curtains... so I am only showing one wall.)
The polka dots and quote are both vinyl.

In the kitchen...
I had got this for my mom and loved it. So now I have a perfect spot for it!
*UMMMMM, guess I didn't take a picture... that will be in the next update.

Our Front door...
Lori gave me this CUTE turkey as a housewarming gift!! :) {Thanks a bunch!!!} I added the vinyl to "fill up" the rest of the door. It says "Give Thanks" You can see it REALLY good against my black door, but it photographs horrible!! I am going to try and take another picture tonight after dark, hoping I won't get so much reflection. In the meantime, you'll just have to take my word... it's cute :) {I am doing something simular for Christmas}

I have two other BIG vinyls to put up... one I am SUPER excited about (well the other one, too.... but one is going in my scraproom!!!) Look for updates SOON!!!

Basement: The guys are having a "fiesta" down there right now!! The music piping out from the basement is KILLING ME!! It is like a Mexican Restaurant all day here!! :) And we don't even get chips and salsa!! :) Okay, really.... they are taping and mudding the drywall today!! It is really looking like rooms and stuff now!

Sunroom: Well, Thank you Gilcrest for ordering in the WRONG color windows!!!! We are now at a stand still until about Nov. 14th-- so we can get in the white windows!! In the meantime, Ross shingled and did all he could, but now we wait.

House: We are recarpeting and tiling the whole house. They started with the tiling. Our Master bath is out of commission. They tore out the tub and shower-- which won't be put back until the end of next week. They should be done tiling the other bath and the 1/2 bath by next week, too. Then they will be starting the carpeting.

Did I mention I am due in 2 weeks? I am exactly 38 weeks today. Infact, headed off to the doctor right now....

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November 1st

Once again we packed as much as we possibly could into one weekend!! Friday Penny came to stay (we were teaching at the Get Inspired Workshop) & Ron and Tricia came down. Penny, my mom and I went and checked out the latest at Archiever's :) {always fun!!} Ryan, Ron, Tricia and the girls met up with Ross' family for supper and playtime.

Saturday Hallie had her "Big Sister" class at the hospital. She was so excited to see "real babies"!! They learned all about having a new baby at the house, got to practice with dolls, and took the tour of the maternity ward. (Reese wasn't quite old enough for the class)

I taught two classes at the Get Inspired Crop at the 7 Flags Event Center here in Des Moines. It was fun meeting other creative women!
I got Hallie and Reese these t-shirts :)

Of course there is a Hallie story to go with it!!
I handed her the shirt...
"What's it say?"
"Scrapper In Training"
"I already know how to scrapbook!"
{She was like offended I was saying she is just in training!!}
Sunday morning we headed off to MN for an Ikea shopping trip.... but that's another post :)

Oops, I forgot!

I forgot to post Halloween pictures :) We had such a busy weekend I forgot about trick or treat night. We went in our neighborhood. The girls had fun, but Hallie wanted to rush home to hand out the candy!

Reese thought this pen she got was soooooo cool!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Old News

I keep forgetting to post the article about Super hero day the girls went to!! (Thanks Lori for giving us the heads up!!) Here is the link to the Des Moines Register. To see the pictures click "Costume contest in Urbandale" on the right side. Check out pics #2, 3, 6, & 8!!

Scrap Within Reach

0At CHA Chicago this summer I ran into a really fun new company with super cute paper and embellishments. I fell in love with the Elliot line, as those of you from Scrapaganza know... it was my CHA pick. Here is a layout I did for The Story Matters with the paper and letters.

They just ran a Design Team call and.... YIPEEEE.... here is the e-mail I got :)
Hi Candi
I would like to invite you to be a design team member for Scrap Within Reach. You have an amazing style and I feel you would compliment our products well. Please let me know if you accept the invitation.

Scrap Within Reach

So, I am very excited to start designing with their products!!! You can check them out here.