Thursday, June 28, 2007

Carnies are in Town

We drove past this carnival at the mall yesterday, checked into it, and decided to go tonight! I was hesitant to buy the wristband because I wasn't sure how many rides Hallie would like... boy was I in for a suprise! SHE LOVED THEM ALL-- except the "Fun Slide" (as you will see in the video below!) We were there about 3 1/2 hours, and I had to drag her out! We also played games and won some prizes. Hallie thought it was all great and can't wait until we go to another one!!

(*Kim, I had to laugh when she posed on the Dumbo ride just like you! It looks just like the picture of you at Oprah!)

That was our Thursday...

Fun Slide...

Okay, whoever named this is a BIG FAT LIAR!! Hallie begged me to go. I was way more scared then she was! I hated the thought, but of course someone else sent their 3 year old down and all was fine. So I thought to myself... I am not going to hold her back if she wants to go. Just because I am a big wussy doesn't mean I should make her one. A nice grandpa taking his two grandkids up offered to help Hallie get her burlap sack ready, so I said yes. I was having a heart attack the whole walk up. The rest is best watched in video...

(after recovering we went on the trampoline and she LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

"Fun" Slide

Jumping High

Days of the Week

Singing in the rain....

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sorry Charlie!

So sorry this got a little abandoned, but we haven't done too much! It has been raining here a lot, so our activities have been limited! As you will see in the slideshow we've made the most of it! First, Sunday we went to Colona, IL to watch fireworks. Monday, took it pretty easy around the house (no pics). Tuesday we played at our neighbor's house. Hallie & Lia have a blast! Today was our "exciting" one. We decided to go to the beach. We packed up & headed out. We got there, paid, and headed to the bath house to change... they announced they had heard thunder, so nobody was allowed on the beach for 30 mins! We waited a bit and then decided to go look for a park. We found a great one!-- which we had all to ourselves! I promised Hallie we could go home & swim , but on the way home the rain came! She was so disappointed... so we danced and sang in the rain! You've got to do it every now and then, right? :) So, that was our day! Enjoy the slideshow... I will post some videos soon, too!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Watch TODAY!!

On Monday Kelly (one of the owners of Scrapaganza) did a segment on Paula Sands Live (a local talk show). One of my scrap pages was the opener-- with the girls. Click on this link. Then scroll down below Paula's picture and click on the 19th. They show it again later in the episode, but don't feel obligated to watch, just watch the first 45 seconds or so. I think this episode will be removed on Monday, so be sure to watch it right away!!

Also, wanted to let you all know that I am doing the Scrapaganza's Blog now. Be sure to check it out!!! (this has been pretty time consuming, so sorry I have been a little slow on my own!)-- I will try and be better!

Have a great weekend everyone!

At the Beach...

This week Hallie decided she would like to go to the beach... so I searched one out. We invited Kim and her kids, Christian, Sydnee and Ella to go. We had a nice picnic lunch, made sand castles and had a fun day in the sun. That evening Hallie Reese and i made a trip to Vanderveer Park for some fishing. Hallie caught a couple and even threw them back in herself!! Fun time!!

Baby Steps

Just wanted to let you all know Reese took her first steps Thursday!!! Sorry I don't have any pictures. I will try & catch her in the action soon!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Daddy's Day!

Just wanted to wish all those "Daddy's" a happy Father's day! Hope you all had a great weekend! Love you guys!!

Hallie at Justin Roberts

Lots of Visitors

The past week we have had a lot of visitors!! First, Papa Wayne and Jess came to visit us!! We had a lot of fun going to the park, catching flasherbugs, doing sparklers, & making smores! Can't wait to see you both again soon!

Then we did the visiting... we went to Grandma Carmel's. Great Grandma and Grandpa Bolles were there! We even got to go to the Horse races! Hallie loved seeing them! Then we had a Bolles get together for dinner. See you all in August!

Then, this past weekend Papa Ron and Grandma Tricia come to visit us. We visited the zoo, spent lots of time outside in the pool, and went to the Justin Roberts concert. Fun, fun, fun!

Who's next?? :)

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Lots of Posts!

Sorry for all the random posts... I have posted several seperate posts, but they were all completely different from each other, and not related at all. Enjoy! Be sure to look all the way down!

The New Park

This week we discovered our second new park for the summer! This is at the elementary by our house. It is big, lots of fun, and never any kids! This is also right next to a bean field, so this is our "secret" firefly hunting grounds!! Can't wait for visitors, we will take ya to "our" park!

Beauty Tip #42

Well here is my beauty secret for the week....

Eyelash extensions!! I went and got them done this week-- I love them! :) Nice up close eye pic huh?

Reese's New Do

Here is a picture I just couldn't resist! We were at Build-a-Bear and they had wigs. The glare off her tongue makes her look like she has teeth, too! Isn't this too funny?? Can you imagine??

And here is Miss Hallie giving Puppy a bath.

Our Bugs Live in Style!!

Here is Hallie with her new bug jar. (it is pretty darn cute if I must say so myself!!) I made her this little jar for her bug adventures!! We have been out collecting firefly, flashy bugs the past two nights! :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Thank you Patty!

Just wanted to say a BIG Thanks to Patty for our special delivery! We got the final Shrek "friend", Gingy in the mail. Now the girls have the complete set! The little puppy card was a hit, too. Thanks a bunch!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Greeks, scrapping, pools & fireworks... Oh my!

Okay, I know it has been a bit since my last post... I really don't think we could have packed any more into one weekend! I am going to show you the highlights, hopefully I don't miss anything. First, Mom and I got this crazy idea that we could plan, gather stuff, and organize a garage sale in ONE DAY!!! And we did it. We had a great sale!! That was Friday from 8am-1pm and Saturday from about 7:30-12:30.

Also, on Friday night we got tickets from our neighbors to go to the Greek Festival. We had a blast! Hallie rode this blue slide seriously about 50 times!! She loved it! She also played mini golf and Reese just hung out and enjoyed being outdoors. We watched dancers, listened to music and above all had the BEST food!! Gyros and Baklava! YUMMMMM!

As we were leaving we decided to take a horse and carriage ride through downtown Moline. Fun time had by all!

Saturday like I said we had day two of the garage sale. Then I was headed off to Scrapaganza for another one of Lynn's fabulous classes!! This time was a Jacob's Ladder (I will post pics on another blog, I don't have the pics yet) But here is Lynn....

Then after the class I was roped into working... so I worked until 6. I am sure we did something Saturday night, but can't think of it now.... hmmmmm???

On Sunday we went and got Hallie & Reese pools. So of course Hallie had to test the waters!

Sunday night we went to Meet the Robinsons (Disney movie) It was great!! I would recommend it to everyone! The message and storyline was wonderful! (I added the quote to the top right of my blog from the movie) We could all learn a lot from Mr. Walt Disney :)
Last night we got to do sparklers and Hallie caught the first "flasher bug" (as Hallie calls him) of the season!
So there it is, that is what we have been up to. And if you guys didn't notice-- the songs are gone! Just too much hassle. Maybe now I can add music to my slideshows or something? Have a good week everyone!

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