Monday, June 18, 2007

Lots of Visitors

The past week we have had a lot of visitors!! First, Papa Wayne and Jess came to visit us!! We had a lot of fun going to the park, catching flasherbugs, doing sparklers, & making smores! Can't wait to see you both again soon!

Then we did the visiting... we went to Grandma Carmel's. Great Grandma and Grandpa Bolles were there! We even got to go to the Horse races! Hallie loved seeing them! Then we had a Bolles get together for dinner. See you all in August!

Then, this past weekend Papa Ron and Grandma Tricia come to visit us. We visited the zoo, spent lots of time outside in the pool, and went to the Justin Roberts concert. Fun, fun, fun!

Who's next?? :)

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The Lansinks said...

You have been busy!!!! Looks like lots of fun with the family!!!