Wednesday, December 31, 2008

From Christmas Eve to New Year's Eve

Wow!!! Time is FLYING! Sorry I haven't updated since the 24th... here is what we have done...
1. Made cookies for Santa. (He LOVES frosting!)

3. Played in the snow

4. Celebrated Christmas Day in our jammies!!
5. Agatha (my older sister) and Jeremy (her husband) visited!! Thanks for the GREAT book, "Hello, cupcake". We can't wait to make some! They look so fun!

6. Celebrated with the Bolles Family.

7. Slumber Party! We like to have slumber parties when Ryan is out of town. This time we hit up Build a Bear and came home to watch Harriet the Spy. (an older movie... the girl reminds me of Hallie!!)
This is for you, Daddy... Hallie really misses Ryan when we is gone overnight! This time I stopped the tears by having her color him a picture, she asked I post on the blog for him.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Celebrating the season!

Wow, I can't believe it is already Christmas Eve!! We have been busy baking, visiting Santa (yes, again! This time I took them in their pjs) ice skating, watching Polar Express in IMAX, and getting ready for the holiday! Here are some pictures from the past week. Today we have more baking, church, "snacks" for supper (a yummy tradition since I was a kid), and the anticipation of Santa!! I will try and post some pictures tomorrow. If I get busy... Merry Christmas to everyone!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our little angel

Tonight was Hallie's Christmas program at her preschool. They were all little angels telling the story of Christmas. It was very sweet. Hallie was Mary in the story. (She told me she was going to be Mary, I said no, you are going to be an angel, she insisted she was Mary... to our surprise... there she was on the big screen as Mary through the entire song!!) She new every last hand motion and smiled the whole time!! :)


Our basement just had the finishing touches added last week... and today...

I was upstairs and heard water running. Of course I assumed a kid was playing in the bathroom. I checked and both girls were accounted for. I went downstairs and... water was literally just running out of the ceiling!!! The playroom, spare bedroom and hallway all got flooded. First things first, a call to service master! The NEW padding was all torn out and thrown away, our NEW baseboards have been torn out, and holes have been cut into our NEW drywall!!! Now it is a waiting game to see if the walls dry out, or if they have to be cut open to replace the insulation! Our ceiling will be cut open to fix the pipe.... GRRRRRRRRRR. All I can say is... REALLY?!?!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Naptime with Santa

Piper joined Santa for his evening nap last night after reading a bedtime story! :)

Hallie and Reese were very excited to make Hal and Holly Moose at Build-a-Bear, but were thrilled to get to share them with Santa. (They used some of their Christmas stocking money from Papa Ron and Grandma Tricia to make these... thanks!!) I wish I had more pictures of them making them, but getting two animals stuffed and dressed and put into the computer is hard work!!

Next Santa visit Hallie wants to "whisper" something in Santa's ear! (She told us on our way home)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Picture Time

I took Piper in for her two week pictures. They turned out great... but could use some editing ;) So... I bought the color 8X10s and brought them home, scanned them in... and edited myself. I think they turned out pretty cute...

After this I was in the picture mood and decided to bring in the whole family tonight...

Here is a sample card they made...
We stopped to see Santa, again. We bought the picture, since THIS time they had matching outfits!! :)
I have some fun pictures to post from my camera, too. Those have to wait until tomorrow... I am ready for bed!! Good night!