Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy birthday, ME!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes, e-mails, facebook comments, cards and phone calls. My 28th birthday was great! All day, every time I turned around I heard little Reese, "Happy birthday, Mommy" (so sweet, made me smile every time, it never gets old!)

When Ryan got home we took a trip over to the Jolly Holiday Lights at Waterworks Park in Des Moines. It is 3.3 miles of lights that benefits the Make a Wish Foundation. At the end is Santa's Workshop. Hallie got her picture with Santa (the other girls were sleeping)

Then we headed to Texas Roadhouse for supper. It was very yummy. Of course, my mom told them it was my birthday, so I had to ride their saddle while they yelled out Yee Haw :)

Fun time. Thank you everyone for making my day special.

6 friends had to say...:

Penny Smith said...

OK, I am SO scrappin' that! :)

Happy Birthday! :)

Your SO old!!! (snort)

TheresaK said...

Happy Birthday!
And Congrats on your new little one!

Jodi Lansink said...

Looks like a fun day!!! I love how you say Hallie sat on Santa's lap, but the other GIRLS were sleeping---I was like, oh yeah-----she's got 3 now!!!! HAHA Love it!

Don said...

Hey, Happy Birthday! I'm sorry, I didn't know it... You are looking GOOD girl! Piper was what, one week old then? WOW!!!!! I'm amazed that after having a big baby like that, you could even sit on a saddle! I don't think that those cowgirls back in the day even did that!! Have a happy year.

Claude said...

Gosh, you just turned 28 and have 3 kids, I had my first at 28!!! Happy belated birthday, I wish you the best for the coming year!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a nice day! How sweet of Reese to keep telling you happy birthday!