Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Hallie-ween 2010

It turned out to be a gorgeous day today!!  So glad we didn't have to wear winter coats over the costumes!! :)  Hallie picked out the costumes for this year... Wizard of Oz!!  So, I present Hallie as Glenda the good witch, Piper as the wicked witch and Miss Reese as Dorthy!  {I was a little bummed on the pics this year... we were running on NO NAPS and things just weren't working out!!}

**and just for the record... Reese ended up switching to Snow White as we were literally walking out the door for trick or treating!!  :)

Cheer For A CURE

Hallie's first cheer competition went GREAT!! :)  It was a fundraiser for cancer, so everyone was in good spirits, and all the teams has some PINK accents!! Hallie has her back kickover now and got to do it in the routine!!  She was so proud... but I think Daddy was even prouder!!  :)  And of course Mama and Grandma were in tears!  SO PROUD!  I know how much she practices and how much she loves cheering!!  GO MADNESS!!!!

There was also a cheer clinic the week prior that Reese got to go to... so she was back out on the floor for a fun little routine!  She asks about joining Frenzy... so we will see what next year brings :)  In the meantime, she is enjoying all the clinics!  {she got behind people, so I didn't get many pictures}

Here is Hallie with Claire... Hallie was mad after the DCHS game that she couldn't get her picture with her in her uniform... so we got it today!  {Yes, Claire is at Apex too... but she is also on DCHS competition team}

Here is the shout out we had in the program! :)

Our Texas Roadtrip!!

Our roadtrip was a blast!!  The girls did great... and we tried to stop at a few places along the way to break up the trip (but not for long and we were back on the road!!)

Here was one stop in Tulsa when we spied these fun guitars at Hard Rock Hotel!!

When we got to Texas the first stop was Debbie's!  My mom longtime friend lives in Dallas... and she is very well known for her love of dogs... which was right up my girls' alley!  {she has 2 yourkies and 2 Chihuahuas}

Now.... on to the hotel/resort!!  We stayed at Great Wolf Lodge!!  Wow, amazing!!  This place is beyond fun!  There is soooooo much to do that we didn't even do it all and we were there for 4 days!  I tried to limit my pictures, really I did... but there were soooooo many that there are still A LOT!!! :)

Storytime three times a day...

An icecream shop right in the main hall!! :)

A fun arcade

Cool Glitter Tattoos!!

A "build a bear" type animal factory!

SCOOPS!!  A kids only spa!!  The girls loved their pedicures... and even got to pick out "flavors" for their scrubs and lotions and polishes!

More Ice Cream!!!

THE WATERPARK!!!!  A kid's area, 12 slides, a lazy river, wave pool, club house and dumping bucket, adult hot tubs and "kid" hot tubs, fountains and more!!  {and this is just the inside water park!!  There is another one outside, too!}

Violet at the nightly Halloween costume party!!

Time to go :(  Piper has no idea we have a 12.5 hour car ride ahead!! :)

 Here is our cute room!  With a "cave" and bunk beds!!