Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I have been trying and trying to post to my blog, but I am out of space (memory) for Google, so I bought more space and it is still telling me I am out!  Grrrrrrrr!!  I will have my Tech Guy on this tomorrow!!  Sorry for the hold up on our fun pics!  It is 12:42am and I have to get to bed, Reese has a dr appt at Mayo in the morning and we have to drop off the other two girls at Lori's for the day at 6am!!  Ugh, that is going to be here before I know it!! Good night all.... sorry I couldn't share our fun weekend, the girls' new pjs or our upcoming fundraiser event :(  Hopefully tomorrow!!

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tricia said...

I knew there was an appointment in October by didn't know it was this soon. As always will be keeping Reese (and you as you travel) in my prayers. Keep praying for improvement and wisdom on the doctor's part. Sending great big slurpy kisses Reese's way--Love you