Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hallie, what do you want to be when you grow up?

I love her answers she wrote in her Jonas Brothers diary :)

A pet doctor- because I love pets
Apex boss- because it is fun to be a boss
Teacher- because teachers are fun
Mom- because moms get what they want

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Madness is back!!

Madness rocked the floor today at GLCC competition in Des Moines!!  It was fun to watch them out there having fun, smiling the whole time, and HITTING their stunts!!  And guess what happens when they do all that???
FIRST place!!
Sportsmanship/Spirit award!!
Most Rockin' Rowdy Performance!!
GRAND Champions/Division Champions!!

It was super exciting to watch as they kept calling their names!!  Congratulations, Madness & Hallie!!!!

 Here's Hallie with the 1st place "trophy"... a gold record!!  And Sportsmanship is the guitar!!  The Rockin' Rowdy award was a window cling she proudly hung in her room... and the Champion banner is hanging at the gym!! :)  So fun they didn't just hand out the usual trophies!!  {Even her 1st place medal has a guitar on it!!}

One more competition... Nationals in Kansas City.... take it home Madness!

Little Ducky Duddle

was swimming in a puddle... was swimming in a puddle quite small :)  They say it doesn't matter how much you splish or splatter I'm only a ducky after all!!  Quack, quack!
{that was one of my favorite songs from childhood!}

We we excited to see the ducks back at the pond...and even more excited when the weatherman said the temp was 65!!  A little spring fever at our house :)
(The pics aren't the best, it was so muddy I just had to shoot from the picnic table.)

We even drove around with the sun roofs open!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

I was excited to help out at Hallie's school.  They have a fun class and an energetic group of kids.  They are all super nice and just as excited to have me!! :)

Here is the video I put together for her teacher and other parents for Valentince's day...
{I love this song I found... so catchy!!}

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hallie got this little babycakes maker for Christmas.  {not gonna lie, I really wanted it too! hehehehe}  It makes little cupcakes in 5-8 mins!  So fun for little snacks.  We got it out for Valentine's treats when Hallie had Olivia and Chloe over after cheer on Sunday... and it works awesome!!  Can't wait to use it again!!

The girls thought they were SO fancy adding the little pretzel on top :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pipey :)

Just wanted to share a couple of pics of Miss Piper.  She was so cute in her little dress on Sunday... but kept saying "no pitters mama"!! :)  Here's all I got...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Date Night

Ryan and I enjoyed our date night of the month! Thanks to Apex and Kid's Night Out... We get a monthly date night :)
Since it was Valentine's Day weekend we went to Taki's for sushi. We tried lots of new ones this time, had some free drinks, met other people at the sushi bar... And had a fun night!! Happy {heart} Day, Ryan!!

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Valentine's Box 2011

Hallie was super excited to find out they made zebra duct tape!!! So that was the inspiration for her box this year :) all things duct tape!!

We aren't much for manufacturing some mechanism for a Valentine's cards... But Hallie and I can embellish like nobody's business :)

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dream Like Magic

Several of you have asked about my blog's recent makeover... and here is the "secret"
Dream Like Magic

She was super helpful and installed it into my blog and made my signature and the works!!  She is super fast, cute and nice!!  Check out her listings on Etsy!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

2011 Hearts & Diamonds Gala

This year we were asked to "host" the Ronald McDonald House Hearts & Diamonds Gala.  It is an amazing event!  The dresses were gorgeous (over the top red carpet gorgeous), the golf course was decorated beautifully (like we took a trip to Italy), every last detail was covered for the Tuscan theme.  There were "diamonds" everywhere.  They have a professional photographer that photographs the entire evening, so I will post the link to her slide show when I get it.  They also had a reporter from "The Post", so I am hoping to get a copy of that paper to share.
Before the event began Reese spent some time at the waterpark in the hotel.

Reese went and got her hair done just like a princess.

The limo picked her {and us} up from the hotel to take us to the golf course.

She played with a RMH friend, Amy during the "adult" time. {Coloring, UNO, and more}

But posed for lots of pictures!  She was truly a princess all night.

Hallie made it to MN about 6:30... she had been in Omaha for a cheer competition.

Dr. Shives was the emcee for the evening.  He talked a bit about Reese's back story.  He is a fantastic speaker and worded it great... not sappy or overdone... but with the emotions that we were feeling when it was all happening.  Then when he went to quote from my blog I actually read it... I was REALLY nervous, hoping I wouldn't cry... but made it through it... I just couldn't listen to him talking about Reese before hand.  Then, a wonderful singing group sang "Believe", and began singing Angels Among Us... Ryan and I entered and went to the front of the room to dance... Ryan was a little stressed about dancing, but it all went well... after two verses the dr escorted Hallie and Reese up to us to join us.  Ryan picked up Reese and they danced and I danced and twirled Hallie.  It was a bit overwhelming when everyone stood and clapped at the end... the girls bowed and were so sweet.  It was a very special family moment, I knew it would be emotional, but I think emotions may have surprised Ryan a bit... you could see on his face what a proud Daddy he was.

At this point it was already after 9pm and they were just getting salad... we went back to the hotel {via limo}

They were going to play a game after dinner to give away one pearl necklace per table.  During the game they are all given envelopes, Peggy a chair member then gave them facts that were represented by numbers...
1144- the number of items we donated, pass the cards around the table 4 times
68- the number of gift cards we donated, pass 8
7- the number of countries plus the United States that were praying for Reese, pass 7
1- 1st place... the placement Reese received at her gymnastics meet... and then she read my blog entry about her love of gymnastics, pass 1 {I was so happy to hear they were sharing this}
Now everyone open the cards... one of them had our family picture and they were the big winners.
She said one reason she loved Reese's story so much is because it is all about opportunity.  The Ronald McDonald House was just a "stop" on her journey... nothing is holding her back and her journey continues.  They can't wait to see where her journey will take her.

I am so glad we were able to share our story to help them generate a lot of money for the house.  We saw someone videoing and we really hope we will be able to get our hands on that to watch.  {I would like to be able to watch and listen and really soak it up rather than having to try to tune things out to prevent tears... I would also like to see who won the diamonds!!}  A HUGE thank you to the RMH for having us, for pampering the girls, for everything involved with this weekend... it was a weekend we will never forget, and we are honored to have been asked and to have been a part of such a wonderful fundraiser.

A few odds & ends

Here are a few odds and ends I found that I wanted to share...
Hallie has been working really hard on her guitar lessons :)

I have still been completing the organization challenge... I just haven't been posting well.  I have about 6 more to complete!!  It feels great, and makes picking up a lot easier!  Here is our toy cabinet in the living room.  This is where we keep a few toys on our main level.

Here are the rabbits the girls and Ryan have been feeding in our backyard.  The rabbits come everyday to munch on the buffet :)  {no, Bentley our lab doesn't care!  Maybe he is used to the bunny smell since we have an indoor pet}

Another day of organization was the fridge.  I got rid of old food, organized all of the condiments into a storage bin- eliminating loose bottles, and moved all the soda and MV to a "dorm" fridge we have in the sunroom.  I scrubbed it out and it looks better than we bought it!!  The cleaner I used is Descaler by Norwex.  It is great... smells bad, but works good and is "all natural".