Sunday, February 6, 2011

A few odds & ends

Here are a few odds and ends I found that I wanted to share...
Hallie has been working really hard on her guitar lessons :)

I have still been completing the organization challenge... I just haven't been posting well.  I have about 6 more to complete!!  It feels great, and makes picking up a lot easier!  Here is our toy cabinet in the living room.  This is where we keep a few toys on our main level.

Here are the rabbits the girls and Ryan have been feeding in our backyard.  The rabbits come everyday to munch on the buffet :)  {no, Bentley our lab doesn't care!  Maybe he is used to the bunny smell since we have an indoor pet}

Another day of organization was the fridge.  I got rid of old food, organized all of the condiments into a storage bin- eliminating loose bottles, and moved all the soda and MV to a "dorm" fridge we have in the sunroom.  I scrubbed it out and it looks better than we bought it!!  The cleaner I used is Descaler by Norwex.  It is great... smells bad, but works good and is "all natural". 

3 friends had to say...:

tricia said...

Hallie played for me the other night when they skyped. She's very serious about practicing.

tricia said...

Did Michelle feed the wild bunnies too or just Bun Bun? Those wild ones have to be feeling like they hit the jackpot visiting your house.

Jodi Lansink said...

Good job on the cleaning challenge! I have also been doing it, but forget to do pics!