Sunday, February 6, 2011

A late Christmas

We finally got together with my Dad and Mary and my sisters for Christmas :)  We had a great weekend of food and fun and wii and games!!  We loved "Just Dance 2" and "Just Dance Kids".  We also played Price is Right on Wii several times.  A new kid game we found is Order Up... we all had fun playing it!  And it is a game as young as Reese could play and all the way up to Grandparents can play-- and actually enjoy!  Super fun, two thumbs up!  Sunday we went to a bowling fundraiser for Apex... I bought 10 raffle tickets and ended up winning  Tastefully Simple gift basket, a gift certificate to a local Mexican restaurant, and best of all... a FREE month tuition to Apex!!!  We were lucky this year!

We also celebrated birthdays!  There was a little something for everyone.
Nurse Hat = Becky
Camera= Me
Tiger Hawk= Jess
Colts= Ryan
Bears= Jake
Star Wars= Levi
Apex= Hallie
American Girl= Reese
Dora= Piper

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Jodi Lansink said...

Fun! We love our dance wii games too! Now Adam and I are doing Wii Zumba!

Love the cake with all the different icons for each person---ow clever!