Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Box 2011

Hallie was super excited to find out they made zebra duct tape!!! So that was the inspiration for her box this year :) all things duct tape!!

We aren't much for manufacturing some mechanism for a Valentine's cards... But Hallie and I can embellish like nobody's business :)

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6 friends had to say...:

Caroline said...

That's pretty neat I had no idea they made that. I have seen pink duct tape. Looks wonderful !!

Mindy said...

How cute that turned out! I really love it and looks like you could use it post-valentines day for something else. I'm happy to say we didn't have to make card boxes this year. We did make our own valentines and finished all of them yesterday just in time!

Jodi Lansink said...

I am just as excited as Hallie...who knew there was ZEBRA duct tape?!?! Ellie will be excited too! LOVE the box, looks like she got the creativeness from you!!

I wish we did V-Day boxes.....that's it---we are moving! :) JK!!

Carmel said...

Hallie you are so dang cute!!! Mom you are so creative!! Love it ! Love it! Love it!

Sara said...

So cute! Great job Hallie!
Happy Valentines Day!

Amy Walter said...

Jealous - wish we would have had zebra duct tape when we made Valentine's boxes as kids --- love it!