Monday, July 30, 2007

Creative Cube Class

This is my new class for the month of August. It is an adorable cube that holds pictures and journaling inside. When it is all laced up it finishes with a bow to stay shut. You choose your own papers and ribbons to make this truely personal. Examples are on display in the store. It is a great gift idea for family or friends. (wouldn't it be cute for a grandparent to show off grandkids?) It is being offered August 18th & 25th. The cost is only $15. (Kits are also available) Call or stop in Scrapaganza (563)391-0099 to reserve your spot.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

In the News...

The Bix7 Race results were in the paper! They list all of the JrBix runners & have some pictures from the race. First, is the headline. Then Reese's name.

Here are Hallie & Levi's names...
This picture was also in the paper... Reese & mommy.
To answer Jodi's comment... The Bix7 is a 7 mile race through the HILLS of downtown Davenport. It is a huge festival and event for our community. The Friday before they have a kids race. They all get medals and have a family night afterwards. Next year I think I will do the walk/jog of the Bix7, should be fun! They have costume contests, people all along the way cheering and handing out water and Popsicles and all that fun stuff. Then at the end of the bix is a big festival. This is all to honor a local jazz musician. The winner of the race gets $10,000 or a new car! It is always someone from Kenya, they are FAST! It is always in July... come join the fun next year!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

After lots of hard work and frustration Jessie finally got my blog's makeover complete!! Thank you so much! It looks great! (more changes to come... but it is now 1:48am and we are off to bed!) Again, thanks Jess!!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

The JrBix 2007

We had a very fun night tonight at the JrBix race in Davenport. Both girls raced and had a great time! Becky, Jake and Levi made it! They came with Jake's family, so Taylor was here to join in the racing. As you see below, Reese was one of the only walkers, but took a while to get motivated. In Hallie's race you will have to watch very close.... I am a bad video-er. There were so many people watching and I was just holding the camera up to video. Levi follows shortly behind Hallie. Ryan has on a black shirt, Jake a maroon and both kids the bix t-shirts (hallie's has blue ribbons) Again, sorry for the video shaking!! After we had hotdogs, twinkies and juice :) There were jumping blowup things and dunk tanks. Jessie even made it for the festivities!

Bix 2007
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Reese at the JrBix

Hallie & Levi at the JrBix

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Three Cutie Girls

Just had to post, since Jodi made the comment!... We love this little suit!
Here are Capri, Maila & Reese: (maybe someday they will have a pic together!)

Another Trip to the zoo....

We got to go to the zoo this Sunday. We went first thing in the morning thinking it wouldn't be busy... but we were in for a shock! Evidently that is the time everyone else goes! Kinda busy, but still had a great time!

Long lost fair

Sorry it took so long... My computer "ate" them and I couldn't figure out where they got saved... but found them. This is the Rock Island County Fair that we went to last Thursday. As you can see the kittens were the big hit with Hallie. We had a great time, can't wait for the Mississippi Valley Fair next week! And maybe even the Iowa State Fair??-- We'll see.

White Water Junction

We went to the water park today... we all had a great time! Can't wait to go again! I got so many compliments on Reese's suit!-- Thanks Jodi for the great find!!

A Day In the Sun
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Saturday, July 21, 2007


(I am not posting any product pictures, just the snapshots of the day) Okay, we had the best day! Kim, Lynn & I left my house at 6am Friday and drove up to Chicago. We spent the entire day searching for the best new scrapbooking stuff out there!! We got to make projects, try new things and meet LOTS of amazing people. First, Lynn hit it big with 7Gypsies. This company has Lynn written all over it, and she couldn't get enough! Then, my little piece of heaven was glowing over top of the displays.... Heidi Swapp! She had just had her baby, so she wasn't there :( We got to play with new stuff and got her cute lip gloss & gum balls! FUN, FUN, FUN. Kim found her excitement with a new company called October Afternoon. She is so excited to get to work with their new lines. As our day was winding down we "bumped" into a booth getting a lot of attention.-- of course we had to check it out!! It was Becky Higgins! (for those non-scrappers-- this is a major "celebrity") She has written 8 books, just finished her 9th book due out in September. I just had to stop and tell her how stinkin' cute her shirt was!! Then we all started mingling, talking, laughing and having a great time. Before we left we had spent about an hour with her, got three signed books (prior to release), got our pictures taken by her (she takes the best pics of people) and had a lasting memory! Thanks Becky & Creating Keepsakes! We were off to meet up with the rest of Scrapaganza. When we met off we went to's reception. We had food, drinks & prizes. Lynn, Kim & I stopped off at's reception and as you can guess Lynn won the drawing!! It was defiantly her lucky day! We were very lucky to get to talk with Kelly Crowe (a designer) After a fun stop at Maurices & Target we were headed home. We rolled back into our driveway about 12:30am! It was a LONG, tiring, but exciting, fun & very informational day! I can't wait to get all of the new stuff!!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

So sorry, you'll have to wait!

I didn't get around to posting our fun day at the the Rock Island County Fair. It was lots of fun, but my day today was so busy getting ready to go to CHICAGO!! I am so excited to go to the Scrapbook "show", CHA. I know you non-scrappers don't get it, but I will have lots of pictures to try and help ya understand :) It is now 10:48pm and Kim & Lynn will be here at 5:50am-- gotta go to bed! Have a good weekend, look for updates on Sunday!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Paula Sands Live-- 100th post

Hello, yesterday Kelly (the owner from Scrapaganza) was on Paula Sands Live and featured weddings. I had made a page with Ryan & I's picture and it is shown a few times. Also, made a little book with the girls and I on the cover, a circle book (above and to the right of the page) and a green card with a flower on it (Kelly shows) Check it out. It is right after the Food Guy. Start watching when Paula is sitting in a chair after talking with the chef. Kinda fun, just thought I'd share. Click here for the link.

Also, just incase you were wondering this is my 100th post!!! (little mini celebration!!)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hallie is oriented!

Last night was Hallie's preschool orientation. It was just a night to meet the other kids and parents and eat desserts. She is getting more and more excited! The teacher mentioned a field trip to the pumpkin patch and Hallie's ears PERKED UP!! She was so excited! Should be fun! Also, Marchelle (my mom's friend) stopped by with Grandma Carmel to take Reese out for ice cream!
(photo by Hallie)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sorry... couldn't resist

Okay, I heard a great song on Maren's Blog (Kim's sister) and I just had to share it. Then I thought, I can't just have one song! So I added Fireflies-- I love this song! The chorus is going to be my next vinyl wall letters!-- In Hallie's room! So enjoy the music, it is only temporary.

*You will probably have to refresh the page to get it to work??

Friday, July 13, 2007

Another Zoo Outting!

The neighborhood girls met at the zoo today! They had a great time. Reese even fed the goats today-- not a big fan. We are having kind of a down weekend, but next week will be busy, busy, busy! Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

... and we're back!

We have a very busy week.... and LOTS of fun! We started our adventure off going to Grandpa and Grandma Great's house. Here is Hallie helping Grandpa water his TOE-MATERS (as Hallie says, like on Cars!)

On Sunday we went to the Bolles Family Reunion. Here is our side of the family... Uncle Craig, Grandpa, me, Leslie, Reese, Grandma Carmel, Hallie, (puppy) and Grandma Great. She met Great Aunt Shirley and became her BEST friend!

Sunday afternoon we headed up to Papa Wayne and Nana's house. Here is a slideshow of our fun night. Broc and Sara and their kids come over for supper and to play, too.

And to finish our week off we went to Adventureland!! We had a blast! Hallie went on all the rides she was tall enough for-- which was everything but the rollercoasters. She loved the huge water slide, the log ride, and the silly silo! (and everything else, but those were favorites that we rode on several times!!) Even little Reese got to ride a few! There is also a circus, which was pretty good. They had the quick changers-- like on America's got Talent-- but it was their daughter and her partner. Very good! Enough rambling, enjoy the show!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Coming soon...

Just wanted to let everyone know we are on a "mini-vacation"... we went to Anthon for the Bolles reunion and now we are spending a few days in Des Moines. (going to Adventureland tomorrow) The interenet is really slow-- since I am using someone else's wireless!! :) So I can't upload pictures very well. I will get the blog all up to date soon-- Wednesday!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Nana Mary!

Celebrated with a BANG!

We had a great holiday! My mom came to town the night of the 2nd... so we had the 3rd to get stuff ready. On the 3rd, Jessie came down, Ryan got off early and we all headed down to Rock Island's District for Red, White, and Boom. The Wagner's met us there.-- They are our neighbor's from down the street. (Quentin, Paula, Elli & Jess) The girls has a blast getting their faces painted, getting balloon animals, going down the slide & jumping in the air jumper thing. As it started to get dark we headed over to mom's to watch the fireworks and have snacks. The girls had a "dance party" with Laurie Berkner's DVD. The fireworks went off at 9:30 and were great. We could see them off mom's balcony and had a great view. They shot right over a buiding with an American flag and the bridge in the background-- very good! (I tried to take pictures, but didn't get very good ones!!) Thanks mom for having us over, and thanks to the Wagners for celebrating with us!

The 4th was another busy day... we went to Bettendorf for the parade. Hallie got a ton of candy! It was a nice parade. Then we headed off to the Fishing Derby... It was hot, Ryan was getting tired and hungry and we weren't catching anything. Ryan gave up and headed to Transformers the movie (he gave two thumbs up). Jess and Hallie didn't give in. They kept fishing!! And.... CAUGHT ONE!! Low and behold.... the award winning one!! (all the kids were cathing the little sun fish and they caught a catfish-- a meatier fish) Hallie got FIRST PLACE in the derby. She was soooo proud of her trophy!-- and her new Spiderman pole! Thanks Jess for your help!! After the derby we headed home to get cooled down. Later that evening we took Hallie back to go on some rides & watch the band. While we were there we picked up some snakes (firework things). We were home by 8, grilled out and did our little fireworks. It was a great end to a fun weekend! Enjoy the slideshow-- there are a lot of pictures to see :)