Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sorry... couldn't resist

Okay, I heard a great song on Maren's Blog (Kim's sister) and I just had to share it. Then I thought, I can't just have one song! So I added Fireflies-- I love this song! The chorus is going to be my next vinyl wall letters!-- In Hallie's room! So enjoy the music, it is only temporary.

*You will probably have to refresh the page to get it to work??

2 friends had to say...:

The Lansinks said...

I love Fireflies!!!! So of course when I just listened to it...I got all teary eyed!!! What a great song!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for adding it to your Blog!

maren out my laundry said...

so glad I can inspire some music lovin!! I saw ryan shupe this summer he's awesome! Great cd!