Thursday, March 31, 2011


Here is the video of their last performance of the season... Apex Madness at COA Nationals.  NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!  Congrats girls :)

And here is the video of the announcement!! {still gets me excited!!}

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring break 2011

As you saw, the girls made a checklist for Spring break 2011... and the checked each one off!!
These are not chronological... they are in the order the girls listed them...
1- Great Wolf Lodge, Kansas City... Check!

2- Feed the geese & ducks... CHECK

3- Go to the park... CHECK
(we made it to 3 parks... all within walking distance of our house!)

4- Go shopping... CHECK
(We went to the mall, pet store & for ice cream and this is the only pic I took, ugh)

5- Read books... CHECK

6- Play babies... CHECK (DOUBLE CHECK)
No pics :(

7-Go to Movers concert...CHECK

Front row, after party, meet the Movers & Nina... oh yea... CHECK

8- Get Bentley, Bun-Bun & Goldie treats... CHECK
(No pics... but had a fun visit to Petsmart & Petco)

9- Incredible Pizza... CHECK

10- Go to Backyard Adventures (invite Gabby & Delaney)... CHECK

11- Go get ice cream @ Cold Stone... CHECK (times 4... hey, no judging, it was spring break!!  hehehe)

(not a single picture... but I got a pic at TRex!!  so here's that!)

12- Get pedicures!! (at Scoops Kidspa)... CHECK

14- Cheer @ Nationals!
Hallie later added 1st place... well, we said we would check them all off, so... CHECK!

And that is how the Ladwigs did Spring Break 2011!! :)
I will post more pics about some of the major ones... and more pics of other things we did on break that weren't on the list... but this post is super long!!  Good night all, can't wait for SUMMER!!!!

The cake...

This post is for Kim... she requested a pic of the WHOLE cake!  {It was the teacher in her, wanted to see the book!}  I thought I would share the pic of her Junie B doll, too.

Hallie's 7th Birthday Sleepover

We had a blast at Hallie's sleepover.  She had a great time inviting friends to the Stoney Creek Inn for a swim party and fun night!!  The girls had a blast, and they were so good I made some phone calls the next morning to ask parents if they could say longer!  Thank you to Kim for coming and helping with some of the activities... we loved having your kids come and join in!  Also, a BIG shout out thank you to my sister Jess for joining me for the overnight and all the fun :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

One year ago....

One year ago we were having a snowstorm. One year ago my house was filled with 6 year olds for Hallie's birthday sleepover. And one year ago Ryan called me to tell me they were flying Reese up to Mayo. About this time last year Reese and I were riding in the jet headed to a hospital we prayed would have the answers.

We arrived in Rochester and Reese went through a lot of ups and downs... But each down lead us down another path towards the right neurologist who eventually would run the right tests and ask the right questions to get Reese the treatment she needed.

Two weeks after Reese a family friend's daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor. This week Makayla (also four) passed away. I am humbled that our prayers were answered and our year with Reese has been nothing but improvements. And we thank everyone for all of your prayers.

Thank you all for the poptabs that keep coming in :) They are a daily reminder to us of all the families fighting for their children's health. Keep them coming!!

Here's to another awesome year :)

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Big plans!!

Here is Hallie and Reese's to do list for Spring Break :)
Can't wait to check them all off!!

Today was a trip to the park!! (we went to three parks on our walk on the trail!!)

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Friends, birthday, gymnastics and cheer!!

We have been beyond busy the past couple weeks! I have been super busy with work... But we've also been having lots of fun!

Hallie has a great friend who she has gotten very close to, Olivia. She came over for the day... They made "zebra pudding cups". This was Hallie's Friday food at school, so she was excited to text us how to do it! They also made BFF coin purses and matching tshirts :)

(OA)BCIG (our hometown school) girls played in the state basketball tournament, it was so fun watching the exciting games, having visitors during the week, seeing old friends and of course being in the excitement of the state championship... Congrats ladies!

Hallie turned 7!!! (I will have another post about her 7th celebration). Grandma Carmel, grandma and papa Ron, and Ross were here for her big Lucky 7! Her big excitement was her pet fish!

Grandma Tricia made her a cake of her favorite Junie B book!

Her friend Olivia stopped by to surprise her!

Happy birthday, girlie!

I got to go along to the Des Moines Playhouse for The Golden Goose with Reese's preschool. So cute :)

Reese had a gymnastics meet... She did great and had a fun morning ;)
congrats on 2nd place!

Halle had a "showcase" for Apex to showoff their routines they will be doing in Kansas City at Nationals! Here is the Apex "family". Coaches in black, recreational girls in lime ts, competitive girls in uniforms.

K, so that was one week... I'll post the rest tomorrow :)

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