Monday, June 29, 2009

Heritage Days 2009

Here is a little taste of our weekend...
Friday we went to a party with my graduating class (and lots of others...) They has a live band, lots of fun and even a goat!! (He was so cute, but it was too dark to get his pic!)

Here's Jodi and Katie ;)
Our girls "camped out" at Grandma and Papa's.
Hallie was so excited to play with the other Ladwig girls!! Here are the 5 year olds... Hallie and Kya
Reese won the cute baby contest for 24-36mos!!
I'm thinking Miss Piper is pretty cute, too :)
These girls are going to be TROUBLE!!! They ran around the carnival like they owned the place! They were doing cheers and yelling woo-woo announcing themselves as... "Crazy Girls!"
Crazy Girls Roll Call: Hallie (my daughter), Kya (Christi's), Ellie (Jodi's), & Kiera (Christi's)
Saturday was my 10 year class reunion. Here are the classmates that came.
I have lots more to post from Saturday night... later! :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

That's all folks...

Okay, this is the last post for the weekend. We have an exciting weekend planned... my 10 year class reunion :) I am excited to see old friends and participate in all of the family activities. Go Falcons!! BCIG Class of 1999...

Here's our group, I don't have a good one of the class. Can't wait to see you guys!!!
Katie's baby shower... about 5 years ago.

Jodi's wedding shower (about 3 years ago)... me=prego with Reese
Jodi's wedding about 3 years ago (me=prego with Reese)

I'm trying...

Last night I started uploading the CUTEST video of Miss Piper showing off her new CRAWLING skills!! {by the way has now officially gotten her FIRST TOOTH!!!} However, it uploaded all evening while we were swimming, while I got the kids to bed, and I gave up and went to bed... this morning it said the file was too big :( So I will have to get another short video of her for you all. Anyway, you know I wouldn't post without pics... so here are some randoms from the past few days!
Stay cool :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Sandrock

I went to the most beautiful wedding this weekend... Ashleigh and Luke Sandrock! For as long as I have known Ashleigh she has been engaged!! So now that the wedding is here, seems funny :) Since she has had years to plan it... it was perfect. Every last detail was well thought out!
My favorite part... I just think it was so sweet... because they were getting married out on a green a bit from the clubhouse her dad drove her up in an old car. Got out, opened the door for Miss Ashleigh and then walked her down the aisle. It was so sweet, like her dad was bringing her to get married! Awwwww.
The bag pipers led the car onto the course, and then played after the ceremony.
Inside the country club was gorgeous!!
The cakes (made by her mother):
Cute glasses... hmmmm, is that vinyl :)
Fun times with friends :) Miss you Kim! It was so nice spending the day... and night with you! Thanks for driving! Can't wait to get together again... with Ella {wink}
{Yes, Rachelle was there... but Ashleigh's sister was having technical difficulties with my camera and cut her out!! oops}
Congratulations Mr & Mrs!!!

I, Candi,

do solemnly swear... To be a better blogger. I promise to uphold my responsibility of sharing the Ladwig family happenings to all who frequent the blog. I will post to the blog on a regular basis. I will not let Facebook Farm Town consume all of my time, I will divide my evenings equally with said blog. I will not find excuses for non blogging. (examples include {but are not limited to} cheerleading, gymnastics, tumbling, t-ball, friends, vacations, road trips, vinyl business, illnesses, fatigue, etc)

{with hand on heart, I pledge} I do.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Reminisce Freedom Line

Here are the two layouts I made last night using the new Reminisce Freedom line. Enjoy :)
{Head tilt... Blogger is turning my pics for some reason and no matter what I do I can't stop them?!??!? Anyone know the fix?}

Done with decals...

All these decals could only mean one thing... Ashleigh is getting married :) Here there are Luke... headed your way!! Can't wait to see you guys!! Send a picture back when you get a box done.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Contest news :)

Okay, guess what I just found out.... I won the t-shirt contest for the Creative Escape Yahoo Group :) Kind of fun knowing I will be responsible for 200+ ladies looking good!! {As a fellow message board friend put it!} Just wanted to share...

i know, i know, i know....

Sorry!! I know I have been a BAD blogger!! I really want to recap and post a bunch of pictures, but in the meantime I am going to announce we finally had the first day (of the past 9) that Piper hasn't gotten sick!!!!!!!!!!! I think she has finally gotten rid of her bug!! Poor thing has been so sick and everyday I would think it was over and.... it wasn't! So for those of you who were wondering about our peanut... she's back to smiling :)
I have to get two scrapbook pages done, then I will blog some more... hoping to do it tonight, but it will probably be in the morning. Hang in there... I've got lots to share!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Apex Cheerleader(s)

Here's Hallie's new cheer she learned this week at Apex... her team is Frenzy.

And Miss Reese doing the cheer as well.  (It amazes me how much she can remember!!)

I DO scrapbook, really, I do!

It doesn't happen as much as it used to, or as much as I'd like, which bums me... but I do get to scrap every once in a while.  Here are my three projects for the Scrap Within Reach design team this month.  I used the Emerson collection on all of them.  
I did a 6X6 card

a 12X12 layout

a 12X12 canvas (to hang on the wall)

A little visitor

The girls were so excited to go outside and find a little visitor in our pool!  I wanted to get a closer shot, but he was done swimming... and flew away!