Sunday, June 21, 2009

I, Candi,

do solemnly swear... To be a better blogger. I promise to uphold my responsibility of sharing the Ladwig family happenings to all who frequent the blog. I will post to the blog on a regular basis. I will not let Facebook Farm Town consume all of my time, I will divide my evenings equally with said blog. I will not find excuses for non blogging. (examples include {but are not limited to} cheerleading, gymnastics, tumbling, t-ball, friends, vacations, road trips, vinyl business, illnesses, fatigue, etc)

{with hand on heart, I pledge} I do.

3 friends had to say...:

Jodi Lansink said...

Ok...we are all going to hold you to that!!!! If you don't post, I will copy and paste your "Oath" and e-mail it to you!!! HAHA! Just kidding-----but would love to see more updates!!! It is summer----your family is infamous for doing LOTS of cool summer activities!!! Lets see them!!!! :)

Lynn said...

ok... you have it in print so you gotta do it!

The Hamann Family said...

hehehehe... :) So glad you are making this promise!! :) - - even though I see you a lot... it is not enough to get in on all of the exciting happenings of the Ladwig family! :) - - - - glad you're back! :)