Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Hallie-ween from the Ladwigs!

Lots of love from,

Fancy Nancy {Hallie}
Witch {Reese}
Ducky {Piper}

Thank YOU!

Just wanted to post a BIG thank you to Ron (my father-in-law). My poor vinyl has just been standing on the floor, sometimes used as bowling pins by the girls. The ends were getting wrinkled and tattered between uses :( So, Ryan found a stand in a catalog for me, emailed or called his dad, and.... Ron made it!! :)

Here is the finished vinyl rack:
Yes, I completely filled it already :) ...and I need to get rubber bands to put around each roll to keep them a little neater.

Thanks again, Ron!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Carving Pumpkins

Tonight we carved pumpkins.

Piper was trying to figure it all out...
Hallie was really getting into it, and did a great job scraping all of the "guts" out.
Reese was sleeping, and woke up just in time to carve (hence the bed head hair do). She got about two scoops out and wanted to wash her hands and be done.
I will post the finished Jack-O-Lanterns tomorrow. {It is still raining, so I didn't get a good "glowing" picture yet}

Happy Hallie-ween :)

Miss Piper Pie

Just wanted to post a few pictures of Piper... she is growing so fast! These are a few cute ones I got yesterday :)

A whole lotta nothin'

This week is going so fast and we haven't really been doing anything... but here is the agenda for the week:

I mailed off the Halloween Charm swap charms :) Here is a picture of mine... a little jar of "Hocus Pokus"
The girls had cheerleading. Ryan worked late, Arby's for supper :)

Hallie and our friend Janey took a Halloween Centerpiece class at the HyVee floral dept. They had a great time and her little centerpiece was really cute! After the class we all had cupcakes and celebrated Janey's 11th birthday!! Then I rushed home to make 3 dozen sugar cookies... just to realize I can't find the box (from moving) with all the cookie cutters... so instead of jack-o-lanterns I made circles :)

I got to help out with Reese's Halloween party at school. After a little battle in the morning Reese went to school with her Fairy costume. {I think she is the only kid on earth who didn't want to wear their costume to school!!}
The kids decorated their own cookies :) ...and ate lots of frosting and decorations! They decorated a pumpkin using golf tees and a hammer! They played a few games and had a great time! Here is one of Reese's friends. {yes, Reese is a little peanut! these girls are the same age!}

After preschool we cleaned the house, had a few visitors and the girls took naps! Then it was off to cheerleading again. {First competition this Sunday!!} Reese started running a fever (102-103) and complaining of her throat hurting. I took a look and saw lots of white on her tonsils...

I got Reese into the Dr first thing this morning. Tested negative for Strep Throat. The dr said he has seen this virus a lot this fall. So, because it is a virus the solution is lots of fluids, love, and honey. So now you find us cleaning the house, doing laundry, doing vinyl orders, making t-shirts, and trying to "take it easy". Ryan is picking Hallie up from school early and we are headed to Dallas county to WAIT in a LONG line for the H1N1 shots for Piper and Hallie... Reese can't get it because she has a fever. We also are picking up my mom tonight to stay for the weekend. Oh, and when we get home we need to carve our pumpkins.

We have trick or treating tomorrow night.

We are going to the Michael Jackson movie and then the Halloween Party at America's Incredible Pizza.

Cheer competition in Fort Dodge :)

So there ya have it, our week.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Got Shirts??

I DO :)

I am excited to announce I am can also create custom shirts! {actually shirts, pants, bags, jackets... any fabric!!} I just completed my first order... for Apex cheer!! I also got a new printer that has FULL COLOR capabilities!! I am super excited! Just wanted to share with you my first creation. The lighting is not great in the picture, so you can't see the colors well, but the cheerleader is black glitter and the writing is purple.
I will be a creating machine and sharing a lot over the next couple weeks! Please give me feedback as I share!!

Who are we???

This Sunday the girls had their Apex Open House. This was a chance for them to perform before their first competition on SUNDAY!! The girls are super excited... I gotta admit, I'm a little nervous! They were so cute!! I know this little Frenzy team will do so good!! :)

Here's the video, sorry for the crazy camera lady... I was trying to watch them not through the camera!

Sorry... I have been trying to upload the video and it won't upload!! I have tried twice and it just keeps thinking for hours... literally hours. Hopefully I will get a video this weekend and I will be able to share. They are so dang cute :)

IG Bowling Alley

I was so excited to hear a few of my high school friends were getting together in Ida Grove!! We always have a great time, but just don't get together enough!! {for those of you that didn't make it we are thinking Kansas City in December for our next stop!!}

We met up for dinner at Pizza Hut {gotta love the white sauce!!}
Then hit up the bowling alley to watch the IOWA HAWKEYES!!! Wow, what a game!! We were off our seats yelling at the tv!!

Then we actually bowled!! I am getting pretty bad :( I don't bowl enough any more!! {The Wii doesn't count!} But we all had a great time!!! And yes, Jodi brought us the GermX so we could all say germ free!! :)

Imagination Movers

On Wednesday we took a little roadtrip to see the IMAGINATION MOVERS!! (and spent the day with Kim and Ella... who joined us for the show!) These guys are Reese's favorite show!! In fact, this is the only show she will sit through. She can't get enough!! We listen to their cds in the car, watch every episode on tv, and on the computer!! Hallie loves 'em too, but for Reese... she wouldn't know life without the Imagination Movers :) {if you ask her who her best friend is... it's Nina, from the Movers!!} With that being said... she was a little disappointed that Nina and Knit Knots didn't come with :( The girls were STARSTRUCK!!! BIG TIME!! The guys were great and came out into the audience a lot, so they had several opportunities for high fives and such... Hallie didn't get the nerve up until about halfway through... and Reese waited until after the show to high five Dave.

{one other little note... okay, so I think I have built up how much Reese loves "The Movers"... it wasn't 5 minutes into the show her little eyes started closing.... NOOOOOOOOOOOO, she can't be falling asleep!!!! She has been telling every stranger everywhere she was going to see the movers!!!! I tried to wake her up, nothing, tried again, nothing... she was OUT!!! I let her sleep about 10-15 mins and tried again... she was revived and ready to dance.... that was a close one!!}

EDIT: Read the comments!! Reese's best friend Nina commented :)
{I was like who the heck is Wendy... Wendy Calio= Nina}

What a week!!

I am pretty sure we packed this week as full as we could have!! (not to mention I was sick the entire week & both weekends!!) I took 235 pictures and 4 videos :) Here's the run down... {since we did so much I am only posting a few pics from each event, sorry}

Disney's Mickey Mouse Rock and Roll LIVE-
This was a live show at the Wells Fargo Arena here in Des Moines. The girls knew Mickey and his friends would be there, but were so excited to see Cinderella (and her step sisters), the Toy Story gang, Tigger, and the Fairy Godmother!! It was a fun show! The girls were up dancing :)

Fall Festival at Point of Grace-
The Hamann family invited us to go with them to their church's fall festival. There were games, crafts, blow up jumpy things, and more!! Hallie was Fancy Nancy-- from her favorite book (and posed for several photos), Reese was a butterfly fairy (didn't want a picture taken... or to wear her wings!!), and Piper was Tinkerbell, since her Halloween costume was too hot for indoors... and she slept during photos. After we went out to eat... to Mimi's Cafe... a VERY FANCY {okay, it's a cafe, but Fancy Nancy thought it was fancy!!!} French cafe, so Grandma Carmel felt at home, too :) And any restaurant that serves dirt cake for dessert is defiantly one we'd go back to!

Okay, this post is getting long... I'll start a new one :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Scrap Within Reach

My two layouts for Scrap Within Reach for October are featured on their blog. Stop by and check them out

Also, I wanted to share my layout with the Fiskars kit at Delta Phi Scrapa...