Thursday, October 29, 2009

A whole lotta nothin'

This week is going so fast and we haven't really been doing anything... but here is the agenda for the week:

I mailed off the Halloween Charm swap charms :) Here is a picture of mine... a little jar of "Hocus Pokus"
The girls had cheerleading. Ryan worked late, Arby's for supper :)

Hallie and our friend Janey took a Halloween Centerpiece class at the HyVee floral dept. They had a great time and her little centerpiece was really cute! After the class we all had cupcakes and celebrated Janey's 11th birthday!! Then I rushed home to make 3 dozen sugar cookies... just to realize I can't find the box (from moving) with all the cookie cutters... so instead of jack-o-lanterns I made circles :)

I got to help out with Reese's Halloween party at school. After a little battle in the morning Reese went to school with her Fairy costume. {I think she is the only kid on earth who didn't want to wear their costume to school!!}
The kids decorated their own cookies :) ...and ate lots of frosting and decorations! They decorated a pumpkin using golf tees and a hammer! They played a few games and had a great time! Here is one of Reese's friends. {yes, Reese is a little peanut! these girls are the same age!}

After preschool we cleaned the house, had a few visitors and the girls took naps! Then it was off to cheerleading again. {First competition this Sunday!!} Reese started running a fever (102-103) and complaining of her throat hurting. I took a look and saw lots of white on her tonsils...

I got Reese into the Dr first thing this morning. Tested negative for Strep Throat. The dr said he has seen this virus a lot this fall. So, because it is a virus the solution is lots of fluids, love, and honey. So now you find us cleaning the house, doing laundry, doing vinyl orders, making t-shirts, and trying to "take it easy". Ryan is picking Hallie up from school early and we are headed to Dallas county to WAIT in a LONG line for the H1N1 shots for Piper and Hallie... Reese can't get it because she has a fever. We also are picking up my mom tonight to stay for the weekend. Oh, and when we get home we need to carve our pumpkins.

We have trick or treating tomorrow night.

We are going to the Michael Jackson movie and then the Halloween Party at America's Incredible Pizza.

Cheer competition in Fort Dodge :)

So there ya have it, our week.

2 friends had to say...:

Amy said...

Dang girl! Love how you say that you are "taking it easy" sounds pretty busy busy busy to me! :-) Love Reese's costume and hope the wait isn't too long for the H1N1. Hope Reese starts feeling better. Good luck girls at the Cheer Competition this weekend!

Penny Smith said...

My boys didn't want to wear their costumes (That I ordered online) for the first night of trick or treating. They wore them for "book character day at school and on the 31st TorT, but they wore their dress up costumes for the first night of TorTing... oh well. :)

Your too busy! Bring it down a notch! Your making the rest of us look bad!! LOL!