Monday, October 26, 2009

Imagination Movers

On Wednesday we took a little roadtrip to see the IMAGINATION MOVERS!! (and spent the day with Kim and Ella... who joined us for the show!) These guys are Reese's favorite show!! In fact, this is the only show she will sit through. She can't get enough!! We listen to their cds in the car, watch every episode on tv, and on the computer!! Hallie loves 'em too, but for Reese... she wouldn't know life without the Imagination Movers :) {if you ask her who her best friend is... it's Nina, from the Movers!!} With that being said... she was a little disappointed that Nina and Knit Knots didn't come with :( The girls were STARSTRUCK!!! BIG TIME!! The guys were great and came out into the audience a lot, so they had several opportunities for high fives and such... Hallie didn't get the nerve up until about halfway through... and Reese waited until after the show to high five Dave.

{one other little note... okay, so I think I have built up how much Reese loves "The Movers"... it wasn't 5 minutes into the show her little eyes started closing.... NOOOOOOOOOOOO, she can't be falling asleep!!!! She has been telling every stranger everywhere she was going to see the movers!!!! I tried to wake her up, nothing, tried again, nothing... she was OUT!!! I let her sleep about 10-15 mins and tried again... she was revived and ready to dance.... that was a close one!!}

EDIT: Read the comments!! Reese's best friend Nina commented :)
{I was like who the heck is Wendy... Wendy Calio= Nina}

2 friends had to say...:

Wendy said...

Reese, I hope I get to meet you one day! Sorry you missed me at the concert:( Although I'm happy you stayed awake and had a great time at the concert:)
Your best friend,

The Hamann Family said...

How stinkin cute is that!! Bet Reese had the time of her life!! :)