Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Brushin' Teeth

Just another morning at the Ladwigs. Here are the girls brushing their teeth. Hallie has been wanting to get ready all by herself in the mornings... and she loves to help her sister.

Rock-a-bye Puppy

Yesterday I was picking up toys, then I ran upstairs to throw some things away. When I came back down Reesey was sitting on the floor rocking & petting this little puppy. It was so sweet!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Ear infections, pink eye & thrush... oh my

So I finally got the girls (well really just Reese and the dr looked at Hallie, too) into the doctor today. Miss Reese has ear infection in both ears and pink eye. Hallie has pink eye and thrush on her tongue. So another $85 in prescriptions later... (I am totally moving to Canada!!) They should be feeling better in about 2 days. Of course I couldn't blog without pictures... so here are few I just snapped of them reading books before bed.

(doesn't Reese look miserable?)

*Sorry to everyone I still need to call and e-mail back, I've been busy cuddling my girls back to health!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Glitz Girls

"If you woke up this morning with dirty dishes in the sink, a mountain of laundry, sticky floors, and a plethora of boxed photos... then you need glitz! The cleaning can wait but your scrapbook pages need to be frosted today!"

That is the Glitz Girls' motto! I found Glitz at the last CHA & fell in love!! They are like the Sex & The City for scrappers!! Check out their website/blog... it is soooo cute!
So here is my latest creation...

I altered a little suitcase I got at Old Navy. Fun, huh?? Don't forget... "If you don't create SOMETHING you'll just stay ORDINARY!" (hmmm... vinyl wall writing idea??? gotta remember that one!)

Here is a layout I did with Glitz, too. It is the first time Hallie went swimming! I used the burlap bag from Ryan's pistachios & an Olive Garden coaster on this one!

Friday, January 25, 2008

CHA announcement and "Sneak Peek"

This is the official announcement that the line Penny and I have been working on for Memories Complete is a "go"!! What does that mean??? That means we have designed stickers, die cuts, & alphabet sheets (using our own fonts!!) that are going to be released at CHA (craft and hobby association) in Anaheim, California the beginning of February.

Here is the "official" sneak peek...

I will be doing sample layouts and projects using these soon, to take with to CA. I am getting very excited... just a bit nervous to leave my little girls!! This will be the first time that I have ever left either one over night... and it is going to be for SIX days!!! ...Just a little apprehensive!! But so looking forward to meeting great designers (Heidi Swapp) and sharing our new line with everyone!! Let me know what you think of it???!!!

Feelin' kinda crummy...

We are not up to much... just taking turns being sick around here!! Today is Reese's turn :( She is miserable!! Poor thing... but she's still smilin'

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A special message

Today as I was checking out all of my routine blogs I found this youtube video on my Sister-in-law, Christi's blog. It is a recording of a phone call to a radio station made by a young boy. Please take a minute and listen to it today. Click here.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Knight's Tale

This is the poster that used to hang over my bed while I was at college. It is so strange to me the announcement of Heath Ledger's death. Maybe it is because I used to "pretend" he was my boyfriend, {hehe}... maybe because as an actor he seemed invincible... or maybe because he is MY AGE... with a little girl! Just another reminder, life is short...

This weekend's movie lineup... Ten Things I Hate About You, A Knight's Tale, The Patriot, & Broke Back Mountain.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Picture Perfect

Don't you hate it when you can see the perfect picture... if only your camera was in your hand?? Last night we were hanging out in the basement & Reese was laying so perfect on the footstool, I said to Ryan "I wish I had my camera".... looked over and there it was, so I caught her... cute as can be. My settings had gotten switched, so it was a bit blurry, but still cute...

Once a flash goes off she turns into a ham!! Guess she is surfing???

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Club Heidi

One of my favorite days of each month... Club Heidi Day!! December's kit was all Black and white! It was lot of fun to play with. I thought it would be fun to try a canvas. I made this "Layout" using a blank white canvas, Making Memories paint, and lots of Heidi Swapp!! What do ya think?? I think I am going to more of these in the future...
Up close pictures...

If you want to check out/order January Club Heidi click here.


Thursday after preschool we headed up to meet my mom at Wasserbahn Waterpark & hotel. The girls LOVED it!! Hallie couldn't get enough of the slide, Reese was busy in the water fountains and we all enjoyed the huge hot tub. (they kept it like a warm bath, so it was a great 3 foot "pool") Oh, we also had fun shooting hoops and spinning around and around in the lazy river pool (Hallie called the toilet). Miss Reese loves the water!! She sticks her face in, kicks and giggles the whole time!!

Wasserbahn also has a little arcade to play in... Hallie got a couple of tickets :) Okay, but here is the funny part.... she didn't turn them all in. She kept about 20, so she could "scrapbook them" when she got home!!! (She is totally turning into me!) Thanks, Grandma Carmel for a fun two days!! Enjoy your California weather!!

On our way up we took Jessie out to lunch for her birthday...
... always a fun time at the noodle store!! (Hu Hot) Hope to spend more time with you next time!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Somebody stop me...

I am a scrapbooking fool!!! {and our house looks like it!!} :) So, it was brought to my attention by someone... no names... (Christi) that my Hallie pages out numbered my Reese pages. So I got right on that and made a page of one of my favorite Reese pictures. She is two days old... she looks like she strapped on a jet pack and is ready for "Blast off"!!! (I used Grunge Board letters... I painted, then inked)
Here is a layout of Hallie's Epiphany program... not my favorite layout... but the story is told & Hallie will have it when she gets older.
Here is my puppy chow layout. I used crackle paint on the "chw" turned out great! I made my own patterned paper for the "O".... Gotta scrapbook the everyday, too.
Okay, so I am ahead of the game now (good through the 17th)... so I am going to work on a little project tomorrow.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jessie

Today is my "little" sister Jessie's birthday. Of course I couldn't slack on my layout a day... so I just decided to make it about her!! She's the best!! Love ya, Jess! Happy Birthday!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Won't you be mine?

Day 13... This is one of my favorite pictures of Hallie. It was just a quick snapshot before we headed off to Jodi's wedding rehearsal. (June 2006)
(this layout was a kit i had from about 2 years ago.... finally done! this layout a day is working wonders on my stash of stuff!)

Day 12- A little bit goes a long way!

Day 12 I did a Reminisce challenge... To make a layout and card using scraps. Above is the card and below is the two page layout. I love this paper... it has a "dirty" distressed look to it! It was perfect for these pictures. I didn't have enough left for the background of the page (since I had already used it in a project--below). I was going to use chipboard, but then found this corregated cardboard and it all went together great! (The "crazy fun" is raised with 3D foam dots)

For the card I used part of a gift box. I cut it up, covered with paper, and embellished with stickers and rub-ons. I love the closure for it.
Here is the journaling:
Here is the project I made with this collection. (I covered a coupon sorter to put extra Christmas pictures in)
*remember you can click on the pictures to make them big...

Day 11- Pickle-icious

Here is my layout I made for a Pickle Challenge. This is 8.5X11 and features the Guenivere Collection. I backed everything in chipboard and sanded and inked to add more dimension. This picture is one of our engagement pictures. (taking a trip down Memory Lane!)