Saturday, January 19, 2008


Thursday after preschool we headed up to meet my mom at Wasserbahn Waterpark & hotel. The girls LOVED it!! Hallie couldn't get enough of the slide, Reese was busy in the water fountains and we all enjoyed the huge hot tub. (they kept it like a warm bath, so it was a great 3 foot "pool") Oh, we also had fun shooting hoops and spinning around and around in the lazy river pool (Hallie called the toilet). Miss Reese loves the water!! She sticks her face in, kicks and giggles the whole time!!

Wasserbahn also has a little arcade to play in... Hallie got a couple of tickets :) Okay, but here is the funny part.... she didn't turn them all in. She kept about 20, so she could "scrapbook them" when she got home!!! (She is totally turning into me!) Thanks, Grandma Carmel for a fun two days!! Enjoy your California weather!!

On our way up we took Jessie out to lunch for her birthday...
... always a fun time at the noodle store!! (Hu Hot) Hope to spend more time with you next time!

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Colleen said...

Wasserbahn is a wonderful place to take the family. We always enjoy a night there for a getaway. So funny about Hallie keeping some tickets. It is scary sometimes how they pretend to be us.