Saturday, January 26, 2008

Glitz Girls

"If you woke up this morning with dirty dishes in the sink, a mountain of laundry, sticky floors, and a plethora of boxed photos... then you need glitz! The cleaning can wait but your scrapbook pages need to be frosted today!"

That is the Glitz Girls' motto! I found Glitz at the last CHA & fell in love!! They are like the Sex & The City for scrappers!! Check out their website/blog... it is soooo cute!
So here is my latest creation...

I altered a little suitcase I got at Old Navy. Fun, huh?? Don't forget... "If you don't create SOMETHING you'll just stay ORDINARY!" (hmmm... vinyl wall writing idea??? gotta remember that one!)

Here is a layout I did with Glitz, too. It is the first time Hallie went swimming! I used the burlap bag from Ryan's pistachios & an Olive Garden coaster on this one!

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tricia said...

Nice suitcase?!?! Congrats on your designs--just wish I understood more about scrapping!!