Friday, July 31, 2009

Garage sale

Lots have asked about the post on hallies first day of kindergarten... But I am having a huge garage sale and was up past 1am last night getting ready for it!! I have a funny 1st day story and lots of pics to post... But I've got some customers here so gotta go... Here's Reesey helping watch piper during the garage sale ;). {she also gives people their change}.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kindergarten Eve

Hallie is all geared up and ready for her first day of kindergarten! She is sooooo excited to get to ride the school bus :) {Mom's a bit nervous, but I know she will do great and make lots of friends!} The teacher today at open house told us there are 11 girls and 4 boys!! Yipeeee! This is much better than the 2 girls and 10 boys she had last year in preschool! I will have lots of pictures to post tomorrow, in the meantime, I will leave you with this cute poem her teacher handed out today.

"Tell me, what did you do today?"

When children come home
at the end of the day,
the question they're asked
as they scurry to play
is, "Tell me, what did you do today?"
Perhaps "nothing" means that I planted a bean
or counted to 10 with Mrs. Green.
Maybe I painted a picture of red or blue,
or heard a story about a mouse that flew.
Maybe I watched a frog jump today
or went outside on the swings to play.
Maybe today was the very first time
that my scissors followed a very straight line.
Maybe I led a song from beginning to end
or played with a special brand-new friend.
When you're only five and your heart has wings,
"Nothing" can mean many things.

Good luck at your first day of kindergarten, Lovie, we'll be waiting for the bus to pull back up!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Toy Camera

Kim told me about a cool app for my iPhone this weekend, Toy Camera. After using it several times it recommended I try Old Camera. I bought that one, too!! They are great apps... I would tell anyone with an iPhone or itouch to get it!! Here are some pics I took today just messing around.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

I can't wait!!!!!

This weekend while we were in Davenport my friend Penny went to the park with us to take the girls' pictures!! I love to take pictures, but it is really hard to get good pics of all three girls by myself, luckily Penny was up for it! She got some great shots and I am soooo excited to see all of them. You can see the few she posted on her blog here. Hurry up Penny, we can't wait!!! Thanks bunches for doing them, they are wonderful!

Are you ready for this???

This Blog is about to explode!! :) We have been BUSY!!! I will try to post as many pics as possible and type as little as possible. Enjoy!

Camp Bolles {a weekend campout with my mom's side of the family}

America's Incredible Pizza- This is a fabulous pizza place that just opened by us. It is really neat buffet... we like to eat in the "drive-in theater room", there is also a high school gym, a 50's diner & a family dining room. The games are fun... bumper cars, go karts, mini bowling, mini glow golf and tons of "ticket" games. If you are in the area, we'd love to go with ya :)
PS... lunch buffet is only $5.99!! {and under 4 is free!!}

CE Swaps... I am getting very excited for Creative Escape in Arizona. As a part of the "getting to know you" process there are several swaps set up to participate in. I chose the charm swap. I was to make 85 charms, mail them in and in return I will receive 75 charms back {10 go to the teachers} for a charm bracelet! I'm so excited to get them in the mail!! I also did two quote swaps, but I didn't take a picture, so I'll post that when I get them back! **Now if only I can get Piper to take a bottle!!**

Hallie's Lemonade Stand
Hallie REALLY wanted to sell lemonade and candy bars... so I gave in. She set this this shop up by herself {all organized}, set out by the sidewalk, poured lemonade, and..... waited..... and..... waited..... (I was hoping someone would come!!) finally someone did... and it started a chain reaction!! Next thing we knew Miss Lemonade Hallie sold $43 in about an hour!!! :) The next day we went to Build-a-Bear!! {that's what she wanted to spend her money on}

Okay, that is enough for tonight... I still want/need to post about our trip to Build-a-Bear, Adventureland, Hallie's carwash, my recent scrapping, our trip to MN, Davenport, Silvis, and Nauvoo!! Have a good night and stop again soon!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Headed home...

We are heading back from MN after attending Aunt Elsie's funeral. It was a bittersweet trip... It was so nice to see family I haven't seen in several years. It was nice getting to spend a couple of days with my sisters. It was hard to say goodbye to someone we all loved.

Since I haven't posted a pic in a while here is Miss Piper reading her book on the roadtrip ;)

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Saturday, July 18, 2009


I am driving home from Ida Grove now. This day was filled with emotions. The funeral was simple, just as the family wanted. Jillian looked beautiful, so sweet and at peace.

Today felt different. I have been friends with this group of girls {and Ryanna} for about 14 years... Why were things different?? Because today felt like more of a sisterhood. We all have gone different directions and our lives have led us apart from one another, but today the vibes were strong and you could feel the friendship.

We are blessed to have one another... And the sisterhood that has been formed over the years.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'll be out...

I am checking in, not making excuses, just letting you all know where I am...

My best friend, Jodi had her baby girl on Tuesday. Jillian Grace. She visited with them for 22 hours before passing away. Even though we knew the outcome it is still hard to believe the time has come, and hard for them to say goodbye to a baby they had just gotten to love. Please say a prayer for the family, the funeral is this weekend.

Secondly, very unexpectedly one of my favorite aunts, Aunt Elsie, passed away. It still seems unreal to me. It hasn't really sunk in. She was the aunt that you could sit and talk to about anything. {I had many a talks with her at the kitchen table} She was the aunt that FILLED my e-mail inbox with forwards :) {Gosh, I never thought I'd miss those.} She was my aunt that would tell us stories about my grandma and grandpa. {She wanted us to know everything about them} She was the aunt that along with my grandma taught me to crochet. {Thanks, Elsie} But most importantly, she was the aunt if you needed ANYTHING she would have the answer or help you out. So, I will be traveling to MN for that funeral as well.

So if you don't hear from me, don't worry, I'll post again soon. In the meantime, I will be with my family and friend.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lazy days of summer

I have lots of picture to post {tonight} from our weekend at Camp Bolles :) In the meantime, we are headed out for some back to school clothes, getting ready for a HUGE garage sale, and getting swamped in vinyl orders. Also, on my plate I have 3 scrap projects for Scrap Within Reach, 1 for The Story Matters, and 6 for the State Fair. All good things, but I feel like I am going 100 MPH!!!

At least someone can rest...
Miss Piper LOVES swimming...

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Fourth

As most of you know... I love the fourth of July!! I love being outside, playing outside games, fishing derbies, PARADES, fireworks, grilling... the works!! BUT... this year the weather did not cooperate as we wished. No outside, no outside games, a fishing derby in the rain (still fun for a bit), no parade... but the grilling was yummy and the fireworks were fabulous and of course it was all in good company! We spent the weekend at my sister Becky's in the Quad Cities... thanks Becky for the fun weekend!! Even though the weather threw us for a loop we made the most of it and had a great weekend!! However, I did miss out on some photo ops... including one of all three of my girls in their dresses I slaved over :) Oh well, maybe I'll pose them another day!! So, here you go... a TON of pictures for ya to see. I am not going to caption each one, or I'd be here all night (an its already midnight!!) So you will see my side of the family... my Dad & Mary {Nana}, my sister Becky, her fiance Jake and their boy Levi, my sister Jessie and the Garner family (Thanks again for the yummy supper on Sunday!!)...

Sunday, July 5, 2009