Saturday, July 18, 2009


I am driving home from Ida Grove now. This day was filled with emotions. The funeral was simple, just as the family wanted. Jillian looked beautiful, so sweet and at peace.

Today felt different. I have been friends with this group of girls {and Ryanna} for about 14 years... Why were things different?? Because today felt like more of a sisterhood. We all have gone different directions and our lives have led us apart from one another, but today the vibes were strong and you could feel the friendship.

We are blessed to have one another... And the sisterhood that has been formed over the years.

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Angela said...

Sorry to hear about your recent losses in your family and circle of friends...take care. Angela

The Hamann Family said...

That's so awesome that you could all be there for Jodi and Adam! I am sure they felt so blessed to have such great friends! It's times like that when we need to lean on our friends the most!!! - You should feel good knowing you are such a good friend! :)

Josie said...

Well said and I completely agree!

Kim said...

this post is so true! friendships like that never thoughts are with jodi, adam, and their little girls :) you are a wonderful friend to ya girl

Amy said...

I completely agree. Sorry I didn't get to say goodbye to you, but Natalee was very hungry by the time I got home. Hope we can get together again soon!

Much Love~

Penny Smith said...

Close friends are such a gift... cherish them, as I am sure they cherish you!

Be safe!

Lori said...

Thank you Candi. You said it perfectly. You are all bondend by friendship, but you still have individual lives. Stay in touch with one another. You will never have friends like this again.
Thanks for coming on Saturday. I know if meant A LOT to Jodi and Adam. AND....Piper is sooooo cute!
Take care,
Love Lori