Friday, July 31, 2009

Garage sale

Lots have asked about the post on hallies first day of kindergarten... But I am having a huge garage sale and was up past 1am last night getting ready for it!! I have a funny 1st day story and lots of pics to post... But I've got some customers here so gotta go... Here's Reesey helping watch piper during the garage sale ;). {she also gives people their change}.

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3 friends had to say...:

amy said...

Can't wait to hear how Hallie's first day went - good luck with your garage sale - hope you make lots of $$$$!

Jodi Lansink said...

ok...ok....we have waited long enough-----she's gonna be in 1st grade before we see the first day of Kindergarten pics!!!!! LOL Just kidding---but really----can't wait to see some pictures!

The Hamann Family said...

O those adorable girls!!! :) Glad you had such a SUCCESSFUL sale!! :)