Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Getting ready for company

Thank goodness I have a big helper getting the house clean and food ready for our Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blog Makeover

It is long overdo!! I just love the newest Christmas designs from House of 3!!!! So I decided today was the day... Do you like? If you want to see more you can visit their site. They have great ideas for gift tags, cards, and more.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Apex in Omaha

Hallie's team competed in Omaha in on Sunday. They did so good and it is fun to watch them get better and better at each performance. They placed 4th this time (Hallie was excited they got a trophy!!)

{this is her "hurry and take the picture, mom" pose}

Who are we?? FRENZY!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Piper's Birthday pictures

Our little Piper Kate is ONE!! She is so dang cute, she makes me laugh with all her faces! She is walking, has 7 teeth and totally adores her older sisters. {However, I think she likes the break while they are at school!!} She loves popcorn, baby dolls, and her "Handy Manny". We love you lots little Punkin Pie!!! Happy Birthday, Priness P!!

Have your cake and eat it too!

You want me to do what?
Are you sure?
I love it!
This is great :)

"Vinyl" orders!!

This week I have also been very busy in the vinyl world :) I wanted to post this so everyone knew about the new things I can make!! I am super excited to be able to do apparel now!! Some people are a bit confused how I am putting "vinyl" on material... here's the deal. It isn't actually vinyl. It is a heat transfer material... but I can cut it with my vinyl cutter. Then I lay it on the item and with a commercial heat press I press it on to the shirt, blanket, bag, umbrella, jackets and more!! Here are some samples and orders I made this week... If you are interested in anything just send me an email. I have tons of colors and patterns. I can order any color/style shirt and such under the sun. Looking for Christmas outfits??? Here I am :) I am going to make some more samples for Christmas this week and I will continue to post.

Baby gowns
Fleece blankets
Fleece Jackets
T-shirts and onesies

{vinyl on ornaments}

This Sadie is in a bright pink glitter... super sparkley!! But photographs horrible... sorry! This is one of my favorites!!