Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fancy Nancy's Splendiferous Christmas

On Saturday we ventured out to Borders bookstore to participate in the Fancy Nancy Christmas story time. They dressed up fancy, read the new Fancy Nancy Christmas book, wrote letters to Santa, went on a parade through the store wishing other customers a "Merry Christmas", and more! They got Fancy Nancy wrapping paper and opera glasses :) It was a fun Saturday morning. Next Saturday is the Polar Express!! {check your local Borders for story time fun!!}

5 friends had to say...:

Carmel said...

Cute and looks like a fun day

tricia said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!

Jodi Lansink said...

Fun! You always find the fun things to do!

Penny Smith said...

Sounds fun!!
I'll have to check it out!!

My kids LOVE Polar Express!
Watching them watch it in 3D was a riot!!

Amy Walter said...

Love the picture of all three girls!