Monday, September 28, 2009

Delta Phi Scrappa

Delta Phi Scrappa was soooo fun! I got to teach a charm making class at the Des Moines initiation! Kim & Lynn taught mini book classes. It was so fun to get to hang out with them for a whole weekend! I also met lots of new friends I can't wait to see again in MN in January! This event the three of us were pledging freshman... hence the silly beanie hat in most pictures. They had a competition collecting points by doing off the wall things (like singing their song in front of the group, up on stage, with a microphone... acapella) I fought hard... but got vice president... I was bummed... but it's all good :) I did win the layout contest... and when I looked in my big tote of prizes I just couldn't help but smile... EVERYTHING in the bag was Heidi Swapp goodies!! See, it was meant to be :) Thanks so much Lorna for everything you do to make the sorority all that it is :) Here are a few pictures of our Delta Phi Scrappa initiation retreat... I'm off to practice the Hoedown Throwdown (dance)!! hehehe

Open House

On Thursday Reese had her preschool open house. She was so excited to share with us her classroom, teachers, gym, chapel, music room & playground! She just loves going to school... and being a BIG girl :) Today they picked apples from their orchard, and next week the firetruck is coming... she is thrilled!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Backyard Circus

They had a little circus at Great America and they were looking for volunteers...

May I introduce the tightrope walker {she was HIGH above the crowd}...

The strong man {they had Ryan try and try to lift these weights... and he just couldn't}...

and Bobo the clown {was strong as can be, and lifted the weights no problem!!}...

After the day was over I asked Hallie what her favorite part was... she said getting to be in the circus :)

Meet and greet

The girls were excited to meet some "friends" while visiting Great America!!
{Fairly Odd Parents, Dora, Diego, Rugrats}

Bits and Pieces...

I have a TON of fun pictures from our weekend trip to California. But I also have a TON to do this week to get ready for the Delta Phi Scrappa event {I'm teaching} and to get ready for Kim and Lynn to come stay at our house!! {plus Hallie wants to get all the Halloween stuff out} So, what I am getting at... I am going to give you the trip in "bits and pieces". When I find a bit of time I will post some pics and I'm sure I'll have some story to go with them. Here we are on the way... {Friday was our "travel day"}
{the girls refer to the airplane as Grandma Carmel's plane, hehehe} Hallie has turned into quite the traveler... which is a BIG help on the planes with her sisters! Reese would not let anyone else pull the carry-on. Piper was getting a ride of her own with Daddy in the rental car seat :)
Saturday we went to Great America Amusement Park. It was a lot of fun and the weather was really nice.
Okay Mom, don't kill me... but I just HAD to post this pic!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Playing dress up

Reese received her birthday present from Nana and Papa in the mail before we left and was sooooo excited!! It was a trunk full of dress up clothes, shoes and jewelry!! She is such a girly girl it was perfect for her! Here are a few pics for Nana :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mystery Reader

I volunteered to be the "Mystery Reader" at Hallie's school yesterday. This is every Monday they have someone come in and it is a SECRET and read for 20 mins. I was to bring in Hallie's favorite books to share with the class. You know me and secrets... I chose a date at the beginning of the year :) She was so excited when I walked in the door it about made me cry!! She was so proud to introduce me to the class.

Her teacher said, "Who is this, Hallie?"
Hallie, "This is my mom.... her friends call her Candi, and our last name is Ladwig."

Too fun! I got these pics from her teacher today. They aren't the best of me... but the expression on Hallie's face made it worth posting! She never did sit back, she was on the edge of her seat and full of excitement the entire time!

It's a day I will never forget :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Reese the Preschooler

Reese had a great day at preschool! She was so proud to hang her new picture on the fridge that she colored. It is going to be a fun year :)
(Our porch faces the wrong direction (East) for 1st day of school pics!! So the sun was right in her eyes! ...but can ya tell she was so excited???)
Here she is by her cubby at school. (looking a bit nervous...but did great!)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Well, it is 9:09am on 9.09.09. Hallie is off to another fun day at kindergarten. Reese just got dropped off for her first day of preschool... no tears... but I about had some :( She was too cute walking in and getting to her cubby and classroom. Piper is busy exploring the house. Right now it is a cardboard tube from a vinyl banner. Speaking of vinyl, I am just getting to work for the morning on a few vinyl orders. Ryan is hopping in the shower so he can be at the mall by 10am. That is our family on 9.09.09 at 9:09am, what were you doing? What will you be doing tonight? Have a great day!

Monday, September 7, 2009

September pics of the girls!!

Here are the pictures I took of the girls yesterday. Reese needed to get her pics taken for her 3rd birthday, so rather than paying astronomical prices for pics I would just be annoyed with I decided to take the matter in my own hands :) Here are {some} pics from the shoot...