Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A day at the park!

So you all know I have recently "switched" to full manual mode on my camera... so a day at the park was perfect for practicing!!  Why didn't I make myself do this 3 years ago??  I love my pics!!  We went to celebrate Emily and Bob's upcoming wedding... but I didn't get a single pic of them :(  I'll get lots at the wedding!!  Here is our day at the park!!

My nephew Levi...

This is a new little friend Reese made :)  They had so much fun together!!  {and I loved the worm pics}

My sister Becky and her fiance Jake  {don't hold it against them... they are Bears fans!!}

Aunt Jess :)

...and Aunt Becky

Out of all 6 group pics I got not a single one is everyone looking at me... but this one sums up their personalities well :)

{Hallie taking a pic, Piper being silly, and Reese bored and ready to go back to the playground with her new friend!!}

The girls loved this glider thing... you hang on to the handle and get pushed across :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Piper Pie

I took this picture of Piper one morning because she kept posing in front of Reese when I was trying to take her picture. I debated on posting it to Facebook because her hair is all in her face and it is such an impromptu pic. I posted it... And it got so many comments on how cute she was and Jodi even downloaded it, edited it, and sent it back :) Gotta love my photo lovin' bff!

Anyway, I am posting on our blog because this is our everyday life! I know you all think my kids have bows in their hair 24/7... But... Well, piper won't leave a pony in anytime we are at home!! And when we look back at our blog I want to remember our little "messy" spunky Piper Pie :)

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Friday Night Lights

I love high school football!! :)  We had so much fun Friday going to the Dowling High School game!  Obviously the highlight was watching Hallie and Reese cheer :)  hehehehe, they had a blast!!

Hallie spent the ENTIRE game down in the front watching the cheerleaders... and cheering right along :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

School Days!

This week we had Reese's preschool Open House. She was super excited to show us her school and all that she does each day.  {I don't know why these are turning???  Tip your head left :)  hehehe}

She also had snack and sharing day.  What's for snack??  Oyster Crackers and string cheese with apple juice!  She was soooooo proud to share her "gymnastics doll" only now they matched :)

Today I volunteered at Hallie's school to help with the Spirit Party.  At the end of the day they had a pep assembly with the high school cheerleaders and football guys.  Guess who we saw??  Coach Alivia :)

And guess who was hanging out in the hallways???  Annie :)

Such a fun day!  Now off to the Dowling football game where the girls are going to cheer in the pregame :)

OH!  I almost forgot to show off Hallie in her Apex uniform... she was in the Johnston Homecoming parade!

And with all these pictures I had to post one of our "silly willy nilly" Piper :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Claire's Homecoming Pictures

My friend Michele asked me to take her daughter Claire's homecoming pics tonight... since Claire NEVER lets me take her pic I jumped on it :)  It was a rainy, cloudy, wet day so our pictures were limited... but I hope she likes these!  Here she is all "dolled" up!