Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday, Reese!!

This year called for a BIG celebration for Miss Reese!  We had a great day with all of our family!  We had a swimming BBQ party, and ended the night with a "drive-in movie" in the backyard and good ol' s'mores!

While we were laying in bed after a very eventful day I asked Reese, "what was your favorite part of the day?"
She simply replied, "Making s'mores!!"

Thank you Reese for putting it all in perspective!  Here we threw a big party, piled gifts taller than her, stressed out about every last detail and she chose probably the most simple part of the day.  Reese, we love you lots and wish you a happy 4th birthday!

3 friends had to say...:

The Hamann Family said...

sounds like FUN! Love her little scooter!! Cake is cute too! :) Hope she had a GREAT birthday!

The Hamann Family said...

p.s. tell Reese I like SMORES too - - that would be my favorite part too!! :)

Amy Walter said...

Looks like such a fun party and I love the cake! That's cute about the s'mores - they are pretty darn good and such a fun thing to make!