Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Good night, sleep tight

{yes, it is very tight in our bed most nights!!} But I am going to miss these little peanuts while I am in MN for the weekend teaching jewelry classes. I am excited to be back with the Delta Phi Scrappa girls... but my bed will sure seem BIG and cold!! Good night all!

{photo taken with my "night vision" app on my iphone}

100 Days

Today marked 100 days of school for Hallie {remember, she has been in school since July!!} She was to make and bring something in with 100 pieces. So, I made her a little apron and she glued on 100 black and white buttons. {of course Reesey wanted one too} So here they are before school this morning modeling their aprons!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Crayon holders

Today Hallie and Reese received crayon holders in the mail from Mindy Murray :) We were her first customers on her new Etsy site!!! Mindy is a friend of mine from the Quad Cities, she is a scrapper, and a stay at home mom to three little triplets and and adorable little Reesey :) Be sure you check out her Etsy shop as she adds to it!! Thanks Mindy!!

-- Posted from my iPhones

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snow Day

Gosh I haven't blogged in a while!!! Last week was a crazy week in Iowa! We ended up getting a bunch of snow dumped on us and temps that never got above zero. The girls had two snowdays...making an already busy week even more hectic!!
We gotta say it... we aren't quite sick of snow yet :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Bolles Christmas

This year was my mom's turn to host Christmas. She put a little spin on things and had lunch catered at a local hotel... with an indoor waterpark!! It was a lot of fun! {but as always, we ate way too much and played BINGO!! Those are traditions you just can't break!!}

Ladwig Christmas

We were able to make it out of town on the 26th. The roads were treacherous... but Ryan drove carefully, and got us to his parents safe and sound. {note: travel was still not advised} When we arrived we were greeted with warm hugs and a home full of love ready for Christmas. This made the drive worth while. We had a great time making cookies, opening gifts, and visiting with Ron and Tricia and Grandpa and Grandma Ladwig.
Thank you Ron and Tricia for a fun day and all of our gifts!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Morning

Our Christmas morning was perfect! It is our family tradition that the girls wake us up, we hurry downstairs to see what Santa brought, as we wait for our yummy cinnamon rolls to bake. We eat breakfast while watching the Disney Christmas parade and then open the family gifts. Then we play with all of our new things {after fighting with the little plastic twist ties that hold the $10 toy in the box} surrounded by wrapping paper, boxes, new things, candy wrappers and more!! We were scheduled to drive to Ida Grove to spend the evening with Ryan's parents... but due to the 20.5" of snow they got things got delayed!! We carefully watched the DOT website as all of the roads turned orange {travel NOT advised}. So instead, we spent the day in our jammies playing games and eating leftovers. Not what we planned, we were disappointed we couldn't leave, but I wouldn't have changed the day one bit :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010


This thought has taken me two days to process and decide. I wanted to be sure I chose a resolution that I would actually keep... Yet significant enough that it would matter! So here are the three I came up with:

First, I will practice everyday taking pictures with my camera in manual mode. My camera is usually left on auto with flash off. I love the pictures, there are so many more I can do and manipulate if I would practice. I took a great class this summer and learned a lot, but with out practicing it I have forgotten a lot. So, I am going to review the notes and practice taking pictures!!

Second, I will set up a better time management plan. My vinyl business has started keeping me BUSY!! I find myself working on it nonstop! Which is good, but my house doesn't stay cleaned, I don't get to "play" as much as I'd like and my scrapbooking has hit the back burner!! :( So, I need to designate times I work... And times I don't, rather than half working half doing other things all the time.

And lastly, I am planning to get my 365 blog for 2009 done. I am not committing to another year... It was fun, but it is hard to keep up. I will post when I get it all done. It should be fun to look back on a FULL year!!

I would also like to set a personal goal to get a scrapbook project published in 2010! After a year off I will begin submitting my work for publication again!

What an exciting year we have before us!! Happy New Year and lots of love {and fun} in 2010!!