Friday, May 28, 2010

iCandi from my iPhone

Here are some pictures from our day to day activities caught on my iPhone :)

Reese's GIANT jar of jelly beans from Therese :)

First night of our 343 walking... piper is asleep :)
At the ball game eating peanuts! Apex family night @ the iCubs.
Beautiful night with a beautiful view of downtown and the capitol.
Hallie getting her hair done for her Apex awards night.

New iPads... too bad the girls have taken them over :)
P4R necklaces in the making...
Lunch at Jessie's with Becky! Thanks for the yummy lunch.
Hallie doing her cup stacking she has been learning at school.
Cheer practice with Madness.
Piper found a worm :)
My Sunday afternoon job :) Demo the Cake for Provo Craft.
Brunch at Machine Shed.
The final P4R map :)
Grandma Tricia, Hallie and Great Grandma Helen waiting for brunch.
Welcome home Reese.
Lunch at Hallie's school :)
Hallie's homework while we were gone.

Eye Candy

(or the new techno version... iCandi, hehehe!! That's for my Apple husband!)
Anyway... a lot has happened around here lately. Nothing major, just some fun pictures. So not a lot of words, just a lot of Eye candy!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

343 Challenge

Are you up for it?? I have been saying "I need to get in shape" and putting it off. A blog friend posted this on her blog and has opened up the challenge!!

so what is the THREE for THREE challenge?
THREE miles everyday for THREE weeks.
no matter what...
rain, shine, sickness, busy day, tired, irritable, no time...
whatever the hurdle...
there are NO EXCUSES!
i will walk three miles everyday. (& maybe jog a little too).
for THREE weeks...
21 days.
63 miles.

starting right. now.
who's with me?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Back in the game!

Reese is back at gymnastics :) She LOVES it! She is trying as hard as she can and doing great! She really excels at the bars, because there is no balance required. Thanks to Mid Iowa Gymnastics for all of your support!!

Apex Purple Carpet Bash

Friday was Hallie's "purple carpet bash" for the Apex 2009-2010 cheer season. It was a lot of fun! We had a great dinner, program, and then the girls had a dance. During the program they gave out awards. Hallie received "The Apex Award" given to 1 girl on each squad for attitude, leadership, hard work, etc. I was such a proud mama!! :) {tear} Then she also got the Leadership Award voted on by the other team members {tear, tear} We loved Frenzy :)

On to the pictures:

Hallie and Coach Amy (this year assistant coach)
(John!! My girls LOVE him!! This is Coach Nicole's hubby)
(Hallie, Jersey, Jordan, Zoey... Frenzy friends)

(The coaches, Nicole {green dress, gym owner... Hallie LOVES Nicole-- she even chose her as her best friend to write about in school!}, Brooke {Aqua dress... Her new coach}, Nikki {sheer and lime dress... Frenzy coach}

Apex Friends
All dressed up!! She looked so pretty :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Girls just wanna have fun!!

I have a ton to post on here... but tonight is not the night... here are some pics of the girls this weekend :) Can't wait to scrap them!! Enjoy.