Friday, May 28, 2010

iCandi from my iPhone

Here are some pictures from our day to day activities caught on my iPhone :)

Reese's GIANT jar of jelly beans from Therese :)

First night of our 343 walking... piper is asleep :)
At the ball game eating peanuts! Apex family night @ the iCubs.
Beautiful night with a beautiful view of downtown and the capitol.
Hallie getting her hair done for her Apex awards night.

New iPads... too bad the girls have taken them over :)
P4R necklaces in the making...
Lunch at Jessie's with Becky! Thanks for the yummy lunch.
Hallie doing her cup stacking she has been learning at school.
Cheer practice with Madness.
Piper found a worm :)
My Sunday afternoon job :) Demo the Cake for Provo Craft.
Brunch at Machine Shed.
The final P4R map :)
Grandma Tricia, Hallie and Great Grandma Helen waiting for brunch.
Welcome home Reese.
Lunch at Hallie's school :)
Hallie's homework while we were gone.

3 friends had to say...:

Amy Walter said...

Lots to comment on - not sure if I'll remember everything -- here it goes...

Reese - that is a HUGE jar of jelly beans - yum!

You all look pretty cute on your 343 walk - good job Ladwigs! Even with a sleepy little one, you are dedicated! :-)

Game night looked really nice - looks like it was perfect weather for a night at the ball park - such a fun thing to do as a family!!!

Hallie's hair looked BEAUTIFUL for her Apex Awards - super pretty!

Love your iPads!

Hallie - that's a lot of cups - awesome!

Reese - love the prayer map and all of the balloons! Everyone loves you and we continue to pray and think about you everyday!

Hallie's homework is too cute - what a sweetheart and great big sister!

Loved this post!

Jodi Lansink said...

Great post---sometimes just random pictures are the best!!!

The Hamann Family said...

love this kind of post!! great pictures of everyone!! :) My favorite... Hallie's homework! :)