Monday, March 30, 2009

"I thought you'd like to blog it...

As I was running around the house getting things packed for the weekend and finishing some vinyl orders to mail out Hallie decided to help out and make lunch for herself, Reese and me. Here's the catch: When she got it all done I told her to take it to the table... she said,

"Are you going to take a picture of it?"

"No, just go eat it"

"I thought you'd like to blog it???"

Here's for Hallie... thanks for being such a good big helper! Love ya!

Happy birthday, Grandma Tricia

We went back to Ida Grove to help Grandma Tricia celebrate her birthday. As always, Hallie requested they make and decorate cookies... so that was first on the to do list. We spent the rest of the weekend just "hanging out"... and cheering the cyclones to victory :) ...that was an intense game!!
Papa Ron also took the girls to meet Clancey the Parrot... or as Reese calls it... The Turkey! :) They thought that was pretty cool! I am sure they will have to visit him again!

And I just have to post Reese modeling Grandma Carmel's sunglasses... {she may not get them back}

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring fever???

Yep, Hallie & Reese both have Scarlet Fever! Reese is doing good after her 24 hours of meds... Hallie started off much worse, was really bad yesterday, and feeling better today (not good, but better!) So these are my spring decorations on my counter!! Amoxicilin (twice a day), Motrin (every 6 hours), Tylenol (every 4 hours)--{Hallie only does liquid, Reese only does chewable!!}, Benedryl (every 4-6 hours, if itchy)!!! Yes, we log it all, or we would never remember!!

What is Scarlet Fever?
*HIGH fever (both girls were at 103-104 the first couple days)
*Horrible Strep Throat (Hallie lost over 2 pounds from not eating)
*Rash (head to toe!!)

No, Piper won't get it... babies under 2 years RARELY get strep. Ryan or I could get it... but were so close to the 24 hours on meds I am hoping we missed it!! Our house is ready for spring!!! :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Scrap Within Reach

These are my February and March projects for SWR. I have one more mini album to post... after I crop down the pictures. Enjoy :)

(This is a shadow box frame below)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The rest of the weekend

We spent the weekend at Patty's. We...

1- Had a Thumbalina party (Watched the movie, played with the dolls, & slept on comfy matching blankets... oh, and ate chocolate cupcakes!)
2- Played at McDonald's (ate there too, of course!)

3- Hung out with Herky

4- Played in the mud

5- Enjoyed the beautiful spring day!

First and Third....

Hallie had her very first Tumbling & Trampoline meet this weekend in Waverly. She got FIRST on the Double Mini and THIRD (they tied) on Trampoline. She was thrilled!!! Thanks Patty, Jess and Levi for coming to watch! :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Piper Kate

Thanks so much, Penny for taking some GREAT shots of Piper today! (click to enlarge)

More cropping....

Saturday Piper and I came back to Des Moines with Kim and Ella in tow :) Ella stayed the day (and night) with Hallie and Reese!! Kim, Piper, Penny and I headed to Archiver's to crop with Lori, Kim E, and Robin. We were there all day and night until 11pm. I can't wait to do it again! (Next time I am going to take pictures earlier in the day... so we don't look so run down and tired! --and Kim E will still be there!-- not to mention Kim and I both had the chapest lips!!!!)

Here is Piper smiling... Big, bigger, biggest :)