Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring fever???

Yep, Hallie & Reese both have Scarlet Fever! Reese is doing good after her 24 hours of meds... Hallie started off much worse, was really bad yesterday, and feeling better today (not good, but better!) So these are my spring decorations on my counter!! Amoxicilin (twice a day), Motrin (every 6 hours), Tylenol (every 4 hours)--{Hallie only does liquid, Reese only does chewable!!}, Benedryl (every 4-6 hours, if itchy)!!! Yes, we log it all, or we would never remember!!

What is Scarlet Fever?
*HIGH fever (both girls were at 103-104 the first couple days)
*Horrible Strep Throat (Hallie lost over 2 pounds from not eating)
*Rash (head to toe!!)

No, Piper won't get it... babies under 2 years RARELY get strep. Ryan or I could get it... but were so close to the 24 hours on meds I am hoping we missed it!! Our house is ready for spring!!! :)

5 friends had to say...:

Jodi Lansink said...

Glad you posted--I was wondering how they were doing?! Lets hope the worse it over---poor little girls!

Carmel said...

Glad to hear the girls are feeling better.

Amy said...

Oh no - your poor little girls. I hope they start feeling better VERY soon!

And good job Momma on keeping track of all of those meds!

Marion said...

You poor thing! Well, poor kids too, but somehow I identify more with the mom in these matters. My oldest three all had scarlet fever at the same time too. It was a horrible day when my husband was out of town (of course) and my car was in the shop. The loaner they gave me had a drivers door that wouldn't open. I was sure that I wouldn't need it, so I told them it was OK, but then with three sick kids, I had to go to the Dr., the drugstore, etc, etc, etc, and everytime, I had to climb over the seat, ass in the air! At least I was skinny then...The good old days, huh? umm- no!
Hope everyone gets better fast and the rest of you don't get it!

Charlene E. said...

I hope the girls are starting to feel better.