Thursday, December 31, 2009

On a roadtrip...

I'll be back soon :) I am driving down I80 now (at a rest stop) with my three girls and my nephew Levi. They are being so good!! Only 2 1/2 more hours to go to get to my dads to spend New Years with Papa and Nana!! We are all very excited. I will blog pictures if Christmas and new years when we get home :)

Be safe... And have a happy new year!!

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Celebrating Christmas time

This week was a blur!!! We packed so much into it :) But we had a lot of celebrating to do!! {please forgive the red eyes... I don't have time to edit them}

On Monday Reese had her Christmas Program at school. She was so sweet! She memorized all of the songs. I will record her and post them on here!
On Tuesday I volunteered at Hallie's school making Gingerbread men. It was so fun "playing" for the morning. In the evening we finished up Christmas shopping and made a stop to see Santa in their pjs (an annual tradition) Piper still wasn't having it!
On Wednesday Hallie had a friend over and we decorated cookies.
{we also got our family pictures taken... they turned out really cute, but that will be a later post!} Hallie and Reese also made their final Santa letters. Here's Hallie's:
(a "puter", a desk, a zhu-zhu, a books)

And here we are on Thursday... we cleaned up the house, went to church, and had a yummy supper.... now we wait for Santa! :)
(I was happy to see that the dress I made Hallie for her first Christmas, that Reese wore, now fit Piper!!)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Reminisce DT 2010

It's that time of year again... Reminisce is hosting a Design Team call for 2010!! In between sick kiddos, cheerleading, gymnastics, Christmas parties & programs I managed to get 2 layouts, a book, and a card done :) I wish I could have created more, but this time of year is such a time crunch!! Thanks for looking... and enjoy!!

A 6X6 board book I made for my girls. (lots of pockets and flaps!!)

My card:

my heart is full layout (I can't get the pictures to enlarge when you click on them... but this one has zig zag stitching all around the flower and straight stitching holding the paper strips together. Gotta love technology!! {when it works!!})

A visit with Santa layout (this photographed really bad... the paper is a cool shimmer paper, so the lights glared on it) I love that I can mix and match the alphabets and they all work!! (I used 4 different collections!!)

A fun Halloween charm bracelet. (Reminisce paper works really good... because it is double sided, so it looks just as cute on the backside at the front!!)

Thanks again for stopping by!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Me at 29

This is me at 29:
Mother of three little girls
Vinyl designer
Classroom mom
Scrapbook Designer {and enthusiast!!}

I love doing things as a family, staying busy, and on the go! I am excited to see what the last year of my 20's will be like! If it is anything like 28 it will be a good one! :)

My mom treated the girls and I in our red ruby slippers to Wizard of Oz... it was really good!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

So much to be thankful for!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!! It was busy {but I wouldn't have it any other way} BUT... we all had a GREAT time!!! I know this is really long, so bear with me. Here's the lowdown:

Guest List:
Our family, my mom, and Ryan's mom and dad

Wednesday night-
Food preparations for the big day
Supper: Schwan's crab legs YUMM-O!! Ask your Schwan's guy for these!! They were so big and precut! We can't wait for Christmas Eve to do it again :)

While finishing our Thanksgiving feast we watched the Macy's Day Parade {I LOVE this!!!! This is what I look forward to every year!! I would for go the feast for this tradition}
We had a great lunch... I'm sure it was all Fat free... or at least that's my story!! We also celebrated Piper's birthday.

Thursday afternoon the girls headed out to go see the Festival of Lights. It is a fundraiser for Blank's Children's Hospital. (I am quite certain Piper's picture would win a "Bad Santa Photo contest"!!!
The girls visited with Santa, rode the train, made cookies and gingerbread houses. Then we walked through the showroom of trees. So glad the girls were able to sneak out of the house!!
Thursday 10pm my mom and I headed off to Williamsburg for the Midnight Madness. We had a fun time fighting crowds, gathering goodies, and having some much needed mother/daughter time!! We got done around 3:30 am and headed back to Des Moines. We hit up Sam's and Toys R Us before returning home at 8:00am!! Now that's hard core shopping!! :)

Friday Well, our "nap" was only until about noon, when I got up to get things ready for Reese to go to gymnastics. {Thanks Ron and Tricia for watching the girls!!} We returned home for leftovers and to get ready for Disney Princesses on Ice.

So once again the girls headed out to see the show! It was really good... and long! Afterwards they showed a little "behind the scenes" and then the girls got to meet Belle.
We returned home in time for me to make some cheer shirts for Ashleigh's squad and I got to bed at 2:30am!! ...long day!

Saturday- 3:45am my alarm went off and up and at 'em we were!! Ryan and I were headed to Houston, TX to go to a NFL football game. This was a birthday present of Ryan's... to see "his" Colts play!! {Thanks Mom for watching our girls!!} This was the first time Ryan and I have gone away since having kids!! First stop... you guessed it!!! A scrapbook store!! :) Thanks Ryan for playing along!!!
Then we headed to check in and find somewhere to eat.
We ate at Pappadeaux. It was delicious! We even tried alligator... which was very good! Then, the party animals in us... NOT... went to bed around 6:30pm!! I was exhausted!!

Sunday- We enjoyed our Texas shaped waffles and headed out... it's GAME DAY!!! We got to the stadium about 9:30 and waited them to open at 10. When inside we got to watch the team warm up, and take lots of pictures. We had a fun the front row!! And YES... the Colts won!! :) Ryan even got his picture in the Indianapolis Star newspaper!! After the game we hung around the back gates and watched them leave and a few even came out to sign autographs.
Monday we flew back home :) Gosh, can you believe we packed all that into one weekend?!?!?! It was so fun! See, family, friends, food and fun... so much to be thankful for!!