Saturday, December 5, 2009

So much to be thankful for!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!! It was busy {but I wouldn't have it any other way} BUT... we all had a GREAT time!!! I know this is really long, so bear with me. Here's the lowdown:

Guest List:
Our family, my mom, and Ryan's mom and dad

Wednesday night-
Food preparations for the big day
Supper: Schwan's crab legs YUMM-O!! Ask your Schwan's guy for these!! They were so big and precut! We can't wait for Christmas Eve to do it again :)

While finishing our Thanksgiving feast we watched the Macy's Day Parade {I LOVE this!!!! This is what I look forward to every year!! I would for go the feast for this tradition}
We had a great lunch... I'm sure it was all Fat free... or at least that's my story!! We also celebrated Piper's birthday.

Thursday afternoon the girls headed out to go see the Festival of Lights. It is a fundraiser for Blank's Children's Hospital. (I am quite certain Piper's picture would win a "Bad Santa Photo contest"!!!
The girls visited with Santa, rode the train, made cookies and gingerbread houses. Then we walked through the showroom of trees. So glad the girls were able to sneak out of the house!!
Thursday 10pm my mom and I headed off to Williamsburg for the Midnight Madness. We had a fun time fighting crowds, gathering goodies, and having some much needed mother/daughter time!! We got done around 3:30 am and headed back to Des Moines. We hit up Sam's and Toys R Us before returning home at 8:00am!! Now that's hard core shopping!! :)

Friday Well, our "nap" was only until about noon, when I got up to get things ready for Reese to go to gymnastics. {Thanks Ron and Tricia for watching the girls!!} We returned home for leftovers and to get ready for Disney Princesses on Ice.

So once again the girls headed out to see the show! It was really good... and long! Afterwards they showed a little "behind the scenes" and then the girls got to meet Belle.
We returned home in time for me to make some cheer shirts for Ashleigh's squad and I got to bed at 2:30am!! ...long day!

Saturday- 3:45am my alarm went off and up and at 'em we were!! Ryan and I were headed to Houston, TX to go to a NFL football game. This was a birthday present of Ryan's... to see "his" Colts play!! {Thanks Mom for watching our girls!!} This was the first time Ryan and I have gone away since having kids!! First stop... you guessed it!!! A scrapbook store!! :) Thanks Ryan for playing along!!!
Then we headed to check in and find somewhere to eat.
We ate at Pappadeaux. It was delicious! We even tried alligator... which was very good! Then, the party animals in us... NOT... went to bed around 6:30pm!! I was exhausted!!

Sunday- We enjoyed our Texas shaped waffles and headed out... it's GAME DAY!!! We got to the stadium about 9:30 and waited them to open at 10. When inside we got to watch the team warm up, and take lots of pictures. We had a fun the front row!! And YES... the Colts won!! :) Ryan even got his picture in the Indianapolis Star newspaper!! After the game we hung around the back gates and watched them leave and a few even came out to sign autographs.
Monday we flew back home :) Gosh, can you believe we packed all that into one weekend?!?!?! It was so fun! See, family, friends, food and fun... so much to be thankful for!!

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Shannon said...

So you got to By that store not the BOMB....LOVED IT.....and reading about your weekend wore me out....

Mindy said...

Wow! So Busy! I love the girls turkey shirts -- did you make them? Piper's Santa photo is so cute! Looks like you had a great weekend getaway with Ryan -- I am so jealous!

The Hamann Family said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the turkey shirts... how cute!!! Sounds like a BUSY weekend!! - - I am wore out now from reading it! :)

Jodi Lansink said...

Ok--where to start? LOVE the turkey shirts and all 3 girls are adorable as always! LOVE LOVE the turkey cake! SO CUTE! Looks like a fun time making memories with the "Grandmas"---always love days like that!!!! And what a GREAT gift for you and Ryan to get away---I think everyone needs to do that as much as possible!!! And the Colts won----so what a great trip! Ok, I think that was it!

Carmel said...

Great summary of a great week-end. It even makes me tired to read all of the activities. How did we do it :-)

Marion said...

wow! What a full weekend! It sounds wonderful! and you got to go to By Design! Was it as awesome as they say? The girls shirts are so so cute. The festival pics are so cute, especially Piper with Santa. Can't believe she is one!

prashant said...

.is that store not the BOMB....LOVED IT.....and reading about your weekend wore me out....

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Scrapaganza said...

(of all things, right?)
Since when do you guys have a MAC?

Great pictures!
LOVE the chair your sitting on at the ss!