Thursday, December 24, 2009

Celebrating Christmas time

This week was a blur!!! We packed so much into it :) But we had a lot of celebrating to do!! {please forgive the red eyes... I don't have time to edit them}

On Monday Reese had her Christmas Program at school. She was so sweet! She memorized all of the songs. I will record her and post them on here!
On Tuesday I volunteered at Hallie's school making Gingerbread men. It was so fun "playing" for the morning. In the evening we finished up Christmas shopping and made a stop to see Santa in their pjs (an annual tradition) Piper still wasn't having it!
On Wednesday Hallie had a friend over and we decorated cookies.
{we also got our family pictures taken... they turned out really cute, but that will be a later post!} Hallie and Reese also made their final Santa letters. Here's Hallie's:
(a "puter", a desk, a zhu-zhu, a books)

And here we are on Thursday... we cleaned up the house, went to church, and had a yummy supper.... now we wait for Santa! :)
(I was happy to see that the dress I made Hallie for her first Christmas, that Reese wore, now fit Piper!!)

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The Hamann Family said...

what a busy week!!! Looks like lots of fun activities tho! :)

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Jodi Lansink said...

you have been busy---thats what the holidays are all about!! Can't wait for a post for Christmas!!!!