Monday, December 7, 2009

Me at 29

This is me at 29:
Mother of three little girls
Vinyl designer
Classroom mom
Scrapbook Designer {and enthusiast!!}

I love doing things as a family, staying busy, and on the go! I am excited to see what the last year of my 20's will be like! If it is anything like 28 it will be a good one! :)

My mom treated the girls and I in our red ruby slippers to Wizard of Oz... it was really good!!

8 friends had to say...:

Kim said...

Happy Birthday! I can't wait until we can celebrate...even if it is a little late it will be sweet!
Love ya friend

Mindy said...

Happy Birthday you young thing! Looks like you had a great birthday!

Carmel said...

add one more thing to your list...a great daughter! Love ya Mom Happy Happy

The Hamann Family said...

Happy Birthday again... hope you had a good time at Wizard of Oz... love the slippers! :)

Marion said...

Happy Birthday! I hope 29 will be good for you! Love ya lots.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Candi - to a Great =
Step Daughter- love you a bunch= can't wait to see all you Girls young and older hahaha for Jess's Graduation Love Mary

Jodi Lansink said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I was actualyl stopping by to see if you posted a picture of you and the 200+ shirts! HA!

Amy Walter said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful last birthday in your 20's!