Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Brown to Blue to Blonde!

Drama, drama, drama....
So I went in on Friday morning for my 10am appointment... at about 4:30pm I left the salon with "bleached" hair-- and roots! He would have finished it all that day, but that would have been another 2-2.5 hours (that I didn't have!!) Yes, that was a 6.5 hour appointment! On Tuesday morning I went back in and he finished coloring my "outgrowth". He then went on to add the purple/blue toner to give it the cooler color-- and of course, my hair pulled the blue and.... you guessed it.... TURNED BLUE!! So he got the help of 2 other hair people and they all worked on me giving me a bleach bath. So then they worked up another toner and ta da...

There is my new color and cut. After all that I am happy with it. This is obviously a self portrait :) If I work with it I can make the curls a bit bigger... but this was a rush hair job so I could get on here while Hallie & Reese are napping!

Here is a better pic of my wall phrase-- with the new tree above.

The tree hold pictures, too. So I am going to try a few black & white pics of the family in it. That's all for now...

Sunday, February 25, 2007

My Oprah Slide Show!!

I died and went to heaven...AKA OPRAH!!!!

Okay, so here is the story....
I e-mailed in for last minute Oprah tickets at about 8:30am on Wednesday. My day was going normal, and then.... I got the phone call that changed my life! :) Ryan answered and then handed it to me... the rest is kind of a blur. I was sooo frazzled I hardly knew my name. The lady told me that I got 4 tickets if I could be in Chicago at 6am on Thursday!! I made some phone calls and about a half an hour later Christi, Jodi, Kim & I were about to have the BEST Girl's Day Out EVER! We left our house at 2:15am and headed to Chicago. We pulled into Harpo Studios shortly after 5am. We didn't get to take many pictures since NO cameras were allowed inside. The show we watched was Oscar Legends. We previewed the Oscar Primetime Special and then watched the taping of the follow up show that aired on February 23rd. Greg Kinnear & Sally Fields were the guests. The best part was the surpise at the end... The Little Miss Sunshine DVD, FREE motorola (RED) Razer phones and free Sprint service for 3 months! YIPEE! The whole day was kind of a blur for me... I still don't feel like it was "real"! So now that I have lived my dream of seeing her... MISSION 2: To shake her hand!!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Oprah here I come!!!

Just a quick post... I got 4 tickets to Oprah today!!! I will tell you the whole story tomorrow-- Jodi, Christi, Kim and I are going to road trip starting at about 2:30am to go!! I am sooooo excited. I will post pics tomorrow! Have a great night.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What a Croc!

Hehe... Reese got her first pair of "crocs" today. They are too cute! Also today, Hallie got all registered for Preschool! I can not believe she is getting so old! She loved her classroom and teacher, so hopefully it will be "a good thing"! She starts the Tuesday after Labor Day.

Monday, February 19, 2007

If laughter is the best medicine... you'll be cured!

Now I know my ABC's....

Trading Spaces

I totally feel like I have been on Trading Spaces the past two days. It is so amazing what just a few new things can do to your house!! First, I added some cute hanging "shelves" and "rack" things along with a picture. That changed the whole feel of my kitchen.-- It is finally finished! The only I would love is under cabinet lighting... but that can wait until whenever. (& Ryan wants me to get a new computer that has tv and radio and everything built in-- again, can wait!!) -- however, the more he talked about it the more I thought "How have I lived 26 years without that?? :) hehe.

Then, I ordered these vinyl letter things from a lady in town.--- THEY ARE GREAT!! I saw them online and had to have them-- thankfully Kim saved the day and gave me a lady here in town who did them for less than half price-- and I got them in 1 day. She does ship for those of you who are liking them. She does any fonts, any words, anything! I am ordering more for Reese and Hallie's Rooms. The best part when you are done with them you use a hair dryer and they come right off. SO FUN!! (now I know where Hallie gets her love for stickers) I can't stop thinking "what next??"

Sorry the pictures aren't great... they wouldn't reflect if I would wait until we have sunlight and turnoff my flash, but I can't wait that long to show everyone!!

Yipee! I just want to hang out in my kitchen all night (working on my computer... not cooking of course). But then I have to keep leaving so I can walk past my walls! So fun, had to share. -- the little things in life.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Octopus & Seaweed

Hallie & Reese got a great Kid's Cooking cookbook for Valentine's Day from Grandma Tricia. This was the first one Hallie wanted to try! She loved it! "MMMMMM, berry yummy!" She has turned into quite the little "cooker" around here. She loves to help in the kitchen.

For those of you who want to try this... it is just hotdogs (cut the legs first and when you boil them they kinda curl up like this) add a mustard face and set upon ramin noodles (cook like normal, drain, mix up with the flavor packet, then add several drops of green food coloring).

That's all of our new creations for now! I am off to work on adding some shelves & a new picture in the kitchen. I'll "blog" it later!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Our Valentine's Day

Pictures of Everyone

Hallie & Ryan going Ice Skating.

Candi & Reese, on her 1st Valentine's Day!

Just the beginning....

Hello everyone! I have decided to start a "blog". This way you can check up on us and see what we have been up to! I will post pictures and updates a few times a week... so keep checking! This is just the beginning... so it may take just a bit for my creativity to hit the blog. Bear with me I will have it up and rolling soon!