Sunday, February 25, 2007

I died and went to heaven...AKA OPRAH!!!!

Okay, so here is the story....
I e-mailed in for last minute Oprah tickets at about 8:30am on Wednesday. My day was going normal, and then.... I got the phone call that changed my life! :) Ryan answered and then handed it to me... the rest is kind of a blur. I was sooo frazzled I hardly knew my name. The lady told me that I got 4 tickets if I could be in Chicago at 6am on Thursday!! I made some phone calls and about a half an hour later Christi, Jodi, Kim & I were about to have the BEST Girl's Day Out EVER! We left our house at 2:15am and headed to Chicago. We pulled into Harpo Studios shortly after 5am. We didn't get to take many pictures since NO cameras were allowed inside. The show we watched was Oscar Legends. We previewed the Oscar Primetime Special and then watched the taping of the follow up show that aired on February 23rd. Greg Kinnear & Sally Fields were the guests. The best part was the surpise at the end... The Little Miss Sunshine DVD, FREE motorola (RED) Razer phones and free Sprint service for 3 months! YIPEE! The whole day was kind of a blur for me... I still don't feel like it was "real"! So now that I have lived my dream of seeing her... MISSION 2: To shake her hand!!

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Your Fellow Oprah Show Friend-Jodi! said...

Love the pics!!!! I still can't believe we saw Oprah!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!